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November 4-9, 2016
Open to USA

With all the chemical cleansers on the market today, people are making the switch to eco-friendly products.  Here’s one company that has brought several to the table.

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Cleaning Essentials was born from a simple idea and desire to keep a home from harmful chemicals. Using the everyday ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, water and essential oils, we can create powerful recipes for cleaning our kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, glass and anything else in the house.

The company has created eco-friendly tools to have around the house to save money while keeping all spaces clean and germ-free.

A winner will receive a gorgeous collection of the bottles, essential oils, and Castile soap to create their own home environment void of chemicals. Look, what Celebrate Woman Today says about her experience with Cleaning Essentials!

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  1. We use some homemade which consist of vinegar and , baking soda. But for really bad problems we use Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox Bleach and Lysol

  2. We use bleach products to clean our home at the moment and I would really like to try out these products.

  3. We use mostly vinegar and essential oils to clean. I’d love to try other things also!

  4. im using bleach right now but i sneeze burns my nose

  5. I try to use environmentally safe products and try to make some of my own from safe ingredients!

  6. I use Lysol and Clorox products.

  7. I have been using Top Job. I also use Pine Sol.

  8. I use Clorox to clean my house!
    Thank You

  9. Clorox wipes, Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, Clorox bleach

  10. mrs. meyers

  11. Currently I am using traditional cleaning products.

  12. I am really horrible. I am still using the old standbys. Lysol, Pine Sol, etc. I really would like to go green though but have not found any that seem to deep clean.

  13. most of the products I use to clean my home are Clorox products with bleach in them, and Pine-Sol for my floors.

  14. I use many different items to clean my home. I try to use non toxic products when I can. I love trying new products!

  15. I use bleach, vinegar, Spic and Span, Dawn Dish Soap, and Lysol Wipes.

  16. My sister works for a company that creates cleaning supplies-she is the person who does the quality control testing. Anyways, they just created an eco-friendly line, and she gave me several.

  17. I’m sure all the bad ones but I use Pine Sol and most Clorox spray with bleach on everything else.

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