Jun 072012

Dustin Maher’s Fit Moms for Life Review

Dustin Maher’s Fit Moms for Life – How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids, focuses on helping moms to be able to have “endless energy and being able to outplay their kids.”  That’s something all us moms would love!  Simplistically written and full of information on the best way to get fit, you’ll be sure to pick up tips on what can work for you in getting fit.  Need encouragement to get the ball rolling?  You’ll get it and you don’t have to be a college professor to read this 193-page boo

k.  It’s written in an easy to read and easy to understand format.  You won’t find a lot of filler words in the book – it’s straight and to the point.  That’s another important factor for us moms!  Read?  When do I get to fit that into my schedule?  Not to worry – he’s covered that for you too!

Dustin’s goal is to get you fit – fit for life.  Dustin talks about calories and how to use them to your advantage.  He discusses the advantages of certain exercises that will burn 5-9 times more fat than traditional cardio exercises.  There are illustrations to show one how to perform certain exercises that will work to your benefit.  All of his exercises take a minimal amount of time to perform – which is an important factor when you’re a mom.

One chapter is titled “Food for Fuel.”  In this chapter you’ll put your mind working – the way he’s laid it out and how he expresses the mindset of how to look at food – is enlightening amongst other things.  Dustin doesn’t want you to feel deprived – he simply suggests how not to be deprived and how to look at food in a different light.

Each chapter highlights how real moms have learned how to get in and stay in shape using the techniques Dustin has laid out in his book.  You’ll read about the journey of 31 real moms featuring before and after pictures with their stories.  You’ll find encouraging excerpts from real moms that just may be what you need to keep yourself in check.

Dustin has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC.  Dustin’s story as to how he has become what he is today can be found on his website, along with other products he’s produced, helpful tips, case studies, and much more.  Do you like talk radio?  Dustin hosts his own talk radio show, “Fit Moms for Life.”

You can also find more of Dustin Maher on:

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