May 042016
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Dress Mom in Minnie for Mother’s Day at Modcloth

Do you have a Minnie Mom?  Modcloth has the perfect leggings and they are on sale too!  A steal at $11.99! These would make a great Mother’s Day gift.  Pair it with a shirt and you’ve got yourself a great gift to give mom!

Not all moms want to go out to dinner and not all want flowers or jewelry.  Some moms love clothing and accessories.  Not all moms like to dress up, some like pure comfort.

If your mom prefers something to wear, Modcloth has a clothing style for her.  These Mile A Mini Leggings are fun.  There are many tops to choose from to match the leggings – above are just a couple.  One is more casual and the other a bit more dressy.  Add a pair of sandals to the mix and you’ve got yourself a nice Mother’s Day Gift.

Now some moms buy gifts for themselves (is that you?).  Sometimes this is because they are single moms.  And others buy “just because.”  And then there are other moms who buy for themselves because it’s something they want that they know they will like 🙂

Whatever your mom situation is – Modcloth has you covered.

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day!

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