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The interviewing process for any job can be a taxing ordeal. Which questions to arrive with, which answers to provide, and what outfit to wear are just a couple of the anxiety-ridden thoughts that may be floating around your mind. Finally, the time has come for you to put your best foot forward and really shine. Believe it or not, what you decide to wear for the interview matters more than you may know.

The reason your clothing choice is so important upon your interview is simple. Whether we like to admit it or not, we automatically create opinions and judgments about people based on their initial appearance. That’s why it is absolutely vital to pick an outfit that essentially shouts, “Hire me!” in a manner that isn’t desperate or a total wacky standout against others competing for the same position. If you are a woman, keep your clothing choices conservative and classy. You will have all the time in the world to show off your unique fashion sense after you get hired for the job.

Keeping your clothing options on the traditional side does not mean you have to be boring. Let a piece of your clothing give your interviewer an idea of who you are. Make sure you have a solid pair of black slacks for interview time. Black dress pants tell the interviewer you are ready to talk business and take this interview seriously. If you are feeling rebellious, or need the confidence boost, hide a pair of brightly colored socks underneath for it to be your little secret. The wonderful thing about black pants is they are timeless and can be paired with countless different clothing pieces and accessories.

Another article of clothing (or two) to keep handy for your interview days is the classic button-down blouse. A black, white, or soft-colored blouse is a way to tell your audience that you are a professional who is ready to take any challenge. Though it might be tempting for some of us more daring ladies, try to keep the cleavage to a minimum. Bring in a sense of your own unique style by choosing a fabric other than cotton, such as silk. If the shirt is sheer by any means, don’t forget to hide your bra by wearing a camisole or other simple tank top underneath.

Blazers are another great addition to add to your professional interview look—and for the office once you’ve landed the job. They top off the perfect outfit by adding a business casual touch. Blazers are such a multifaceted piece of clothing—you can choose which color you want to go with and then pair it with numerous shirt and pant choices. They even look great with a skirt or dress. It may be a bit of an investment to find a quality blazer that is going to last you from the interview and beyond, but it’s well worth the time, money, and effort to find one.

Keep your interview outfit respectable and stylish with classic clothing options. Once you pick your solid interview outfit, you’ll be able to let go of all your anxiety and fears. Make sure each clothing article you choose to wear is clean and fresh, and you’re sure to hit a home run at your next interview.

Have you any tips on how to dress for an interview that you’d like to suggest?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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