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A FEW Craft Supplies for Valentine’s Day – at the Dollar Tree

Crafters – craft in bulk for Valentine’s Day at the Dollar Tree.  When you buy Valentine’s craft supplies at the Dollar Tree, you can save yourself a lot of time and money especially if you get friends to split the cost.  Save even more with shipping It To Your Local Dollar Tree Store For FREE*!

With Valentine’s Day upon us – you can make some fun crafts or decorations for your home and/or those you love.  For that matter, you could even sell your creations.

Here’s a Couple of Craft Ideas/Gifts:

Make a heart wreath. Start with the wire heart seen above.  Figure out your base (moss glued to a piece of cardboard in the same shape, attached to the form using craft wire; burlap ribbon, silk flowers), add roses, teddy bears, heart picks, bows, candy – anything that appeals to your senses – attach with craft wire or a glue gun.

Alternatively, you could make a mug bouquet.  Start with a mug, add Styrofoam inside (to hold your picks in place) attach a teddy bear (only one of many stuffed animals to chose from – there are monkeys, love bugs, chocolate scented teddies) to a pick with craft wire, add roses or heart picks (or both), glue candy to a pick(s), add moss around the top of the mug or roses around the top (cut off the stems and glue or just cut the stems shorter and insert), attach a Valentine’s Card and you’ll have yourself a gift.

Another idea – that red bottle you see in the banner below, the heart shaped one – turn that into a vase for a single rose and Baby’s Breath or add some lantern oil and a wick (the one with the plastic circle at the top that keeps the wick straight and in place), add some ribbon and you’ve got a nice center piece for dinner or a party.

Craft and Save with Friends

If you haven’t the need for so many supplies – ask a couple of friends to join in on the crafting and split the cost.  Maybe you’re a teacher and other teachers would like to save some money too.  Or maybe there’s a party you’ll be attending where the tables could be spruced up (check out the dining supplies – DT has many) – the centerpieces could be your contribution.


The Dollar Tree has a multitude of craft/decorating/celebration supplies for not only Valentine’s Day, but for other upcoming special events/day –  Mardi Gras, 2/28; St. Patty’s Day, 3/17; and Easter, 4/16.  Look for the banners at the top of the site – a simple click will take you where you want to shop.

And don’t forget – Dollar Tree has a ton of party supplies, Bonus Buys, plus so much more; we love their cleaning supplies – LA Awesome ROCKS our world.

Buying in bulk online saves you money, time and gas whether you’re buying Valentine Craft Supplies in bulk or cleaning supplies in bulk.

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  1. These are some really cute ideas! My daughter loves to make crafts for every holiday, and she always finds tons of stuff at Dollar Tree! Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Dollar tree has been my go to store for awhile but for some reason I didn’t know until a few days ago that they had an online site.

  3. I love affordable ways to celebrate the holidays like this!

  4. I LOVE shopping at the Dollar Tree for crafts and Holiday decorations!! It makes things easy and very affordable for sure. 🙂

  5. You can find some really cute, fairly low cost crafty items at places like Dollar Tree. I love going in there.

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