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Welcome to the Diamond Candles Flash Giveaway!  You read that right ‘candles.’ Three (3) candles are up for winning in this giveaway, and you could one of the lucky winners!  All you need to do is enter 🙂

Bay Area Mommy and some awesome bloggers have teamed up to bring you this 2-day Diamond Candles flash giveaway! If you haven’t heard of Diamond Candles yet, these are scented candles that have a ring inside worth $10-$5000! So if you’re lucky, you might just score a high-value ring!

Three (3) winners will be chosen which means you get more chances of winning! Giveaway runs from September 2, 9pm EST to September 4, 11:59pm EST and is open to US residents only since Diamond Candles does not ship outside the US. 18+ only. Winner will be emailed and will have 24 hours to reply. Please add “” to your Address Book to prevent the email from going to the Spam folder.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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*Finger Click Saver is not responsible for prize fulfillment

  99 Responses to “Diamond Candles 2-Day Flash Giveaway”

Comments (99)
  1. would luv to win!

  2. for me. heck I’m the only one who’s awake to burn the candle.

  3. For me! I’ve never had one!

  4. It would be for me. I am seeing a lot of things and want to try one.

  5. it would be for me.

  6. My mother.

  7. Guilty … for me 🙂

  8. Not sure yet…. might keep it for myself 😛

  9. I would love to win this for my daughter! She loves candles and has them everywhere in her house!

  10. I would have to keep one for myself and then my best friend

  11. I’d love to give this to my mom because she’s done SO much for me and my kids. Her birthday is coming up and I’d love to surprise her with a Diamond Candle.

  12. i would keep it

  13. Ok… this is the one!! I hope

  14. It would be for me. I love candles, but I don’t have any and I’ve certainly never been able to try Diamond Candles!

  15. Myself!

  16. My dear SIS-in-law Mandy.

  17. My wife

  18. I would love to win one.

  19. Myself 🙂

  20. I have never seen one of these, so I would try this one out for myself! 🙂

  21. give it to my daughter,she loves candles

  22. I would give it to my mom.

  23. I’m torn I want to keep but my moms birthday is on the 17th lol ……….. I never really was one to share

  24. Probably me

    I would definitely put this baby up in my house!!!! I am buying more for Christmas presents!!!!

  26. I would give one to my mom, one to my daughter, and keep one for myself.

  27. me lol

  28. I’ve been trying to get one of these forever!!! I would def. keep it

  29. this would be for me sorry,if im selfish

  30. I would keep it for mysel. I have been dying to try these.

  31. It would be for me, my first diamond candle

  32. My mom, sister, and I.

  33. Thanks!

  34. me 🙂

  35. My grandmother

  36. ME!!!!!

  37. me i never won one and cant afford it.

  38. Me, of course lol! 🙂

  39. One for my sister and one for my mom!

  40. I would give this to my 5th grade daughter as a graduation present. I am so proud of her 🙂 She loves smell good stuff and the ring would be a cute surprise 🙂

  41. not gonna lie…its for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The candle wouuld be for…Me!

  43. it would be for me if I win

  44. I would give it to my daughter.

  45. I would love one.. I don’t remember the last time I got myself something.. I put everyone else 1st and if there is nothing left then that’s what I get..I put myself at the bottom to make sure my daughter’s don’t go w/out.. I don’t ever win n e thing either… It would just be nice.. ty loni

  46. My sister in law 🙂

  47. I would keep it for our living room. I usually burn yankee candles but I’m always looking for alternatives.

  48. It would be for me of course. :-p

  49. I would love to have one for myself.

  50. if the smell isn’t too strong I’ll give it to my sister.

  51. It would a gift for my mom.

  52. ALL MINE!!!!

  53. It would be for some very special ladies!

  54. would love to win one thanks

  55. My wife loves candles.

  56. Me, I’ve never had one.

  57. I would keep one and the other two would be for my sister in law and my mother in law.

  58. i’ve never heard of these, so it would be for me! 🙂

  59. it would be for meeeee i love candles too much to give it away hehehehe

  60. This candle would be for me because I absolutely love candles and I have been wanting one of these. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope I win.

  61. Definitely me!

  62. Definitely myself!

  63. Myself…

  64. I hate to sound selfish, but this would be for me!

  65. Me!

  66. Since I am not able to work anymore, money is very tight, so I would give these to my daughter for Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway, and good luck to everyone.

  67. O.K. maybe I would keep one for myself instead of gifting all of them 😉

  68. It would be for me 🙂

  69. Ive never won something like this so it would be awesome

  70. This would be for me~~ Love pretty scents~~and as an extra bonus a pretty ring in each~~Thankyou for this awesome chance~~ :0)

  71. since today is my daughters b’day, i’ll give it to her…

  72. This is mine, all mine. GLA

  73. If I win of course the candle’s going to be mine!!!

  74. This would be for my friend.

  75. I would keep it for myself!! I love candles!!

  76. For my daughter because she wants one just like mommy in her room 🙂 (shes 9)

  77. This would be for myself…I’ve never tried one before! 🙂

  78. My Sis thats getting Married at the end of the month 🙂

  79. I would keep this 1 for myself as a treat since I have had a bad weekend!!

  80. For me!

  81. Christmas presents.

  82. I would give this to my daughter.

  83. me

  84. Been wanting to try one of these forever!!!

  85. for me

  86. I would love to win, I’m told these candles not only have the prize inside but smell wonderful.

  87. for me

  88. I would love to win one for these.

  89. It would be for me !

  90. I would probably keep it for the same reasons as Paula (post #74) gave!!!

  91. I wanna win.

  92. I would keep this, have never had one

  93. Christmas gift for my sister

  94. me me me!!!

  95. Thanks for a great giveaway and the reminder

  96. Me 🙂

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