Dec 242013

Nothing compares to the rich fabrication of metal art. Substantial, elegant, and intriguing, wrought iron makes any outdoor entrance appear stately. Regardless of the style or size of a home, gorgeous wrought iron panels will make a permanent statement of beauty.

Wrought iron panels come in a variety of detailed scrolls, straight lines, and embellishments to compliment the style of a house. For instance, a sleek modern home may utilize geographical squares, set in long strict lines, to bring an open entryway into proportion with the style. A large Colonial model can benefit from scrolled grapes and flowers that present a warm welcome.

Properties take on a new grand appearance when wrought iron fencing is used to introduce a driveway. Artistic panels with spear-headed bars add distinction to grounds and properly introduce your home. Top off this look with a security gate of like design.

Architectural metal components are not limited to outdoor use. An inside stairway that lacks design, can come alive with a mixture of wrought iron pieces. By using iron motifs to accent solid wood, a customized European design is created.

Turn any mediocre area into a stunning artwork of excellence by incorporating wrought iron into the mix. Not only will the results bring a fresh new look, but will also add character in a unique, stately fashion.


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  1. Wrought Iron is simply stunning! I’ve been looking at getting a wine rack with wrought iron details added around it… simply stunning!

    We look forward to hosting you at this year’s Biannual Blogathon Bash this coming January. Thank you for signing up =)

  2. Seems you use to see a lot more of this than you do now and I think it looks so pretty

  3. I like wrought iron.

  4. I love the look of wrought iron! So pretty!

  5. I love wrought iron! We have a wrought iron gate with sunflower motives and leaf scrolls and we’ve been told many times that we have the most gorgeous gate in the neighbourhood!

    • I bet the gate is stunning. Here in NH, one doesn’t see a lot of homes with gates and if we did have them – we’d need a remote control to operate them. The weather/seasons would be enough for me not to want one.

  6. Wrought iron adds a classical touch; I love it

  7. I love the look of those wrought iron panels, just wish there was a cheaper way to get a similar look! I’m on a pretty tight budget since I just bought my first home.

    • Yes, I do agree Danizilla, that wrought iron can be expensive. Do a search for Faux Wrought Iron and see what you come up with. I saw a DIY fence and places where you can buy faux wrought iron.

  8. neat idea def have to try this

  9. i love wrought iron its so beautiful to decorate for christmas and holidays !

  10. beautiful panels

  11. Always adds a classic feel to the property!

  12. Always loved wrought iron! Would be cool to see some unique design ideas using it!

  13. Oh, I love black wrought iron! They have some beautiful designs on their site. I really like the Scroll designs.

  14. I love the look of those! I wish I had the extra money to afford them, but you are correct, they are beautiful. Thank you for the information, and Happy New Year!!!

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