Oct 222012

Christmas is on its way!  This offer will get you a customized Christmas Stocking for $7.99 w/free shipping. 

Is there someone in your family you need to have a stocking for? Maybe a relative coming for Christmas this year?  Maybe your new pup? Maybe that new bundle of joy? Maybe for a special friend? 

customized christmas stocking

I have to tell you – I’m really getting excited for Christmas!  Not so much for the gift buying and giving aspect, but more so, because I LOVE to decorate for this holiday.  I love all the lights, the tree, the garland, snowmen, and all the stockings I’ve collected over the years.  Usually I will buy more snowmen come the time winter comes around but this year I am holding off.  We had a shed built and we brought home all the stuff we’ve had stored for the past 8 yrs.  In all that stuff were two boxes of snowmen.  So, until I know what I’ve missed all these years, I am putting snowmen buying on hold 🙂

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