Apr 062011
I came across this project and I so wish I had known about it 13 yrs. ago when my daughter was small.  I see this project as being extremely customizable.  One can use wrapping paper from their child’s first bday and so on through the years.  They can use shoelaces from their child’s shoes.

Since I am 13 yrs too late to use wrapping paper from my daughter’s first bday; I will customize the scrapbook using her clothing I have saved throughout the years. I will cut them up and fuse the pieces to hold them all together for the wrapping paper. I will also use strips of the clothing I have and make a tie instead of a shoelace.  I could also enlarge a picture from the event to use as wrapping paper. I will then cover with an iron on vinyl to preserve the clothing from stains etc.

I bet you are thinking I must be a huge pack-rat…well that is true to a point.  If I think there’s a way to recycle something…I’ll hold on to it…I love containers (read this short post on a couple of my uses for different containers). I tell ya, some of the things I have saved, have come in very handy!  As far as the my daughter’s articles of clothing I have saved all these years, I set a mission into place back 13 yrs ago. I am going to make her a quilt, out of her most favorite clothing articles, since she was a baby.  I want to give this to her for her 18th birthday.  Even using the clothing for the scrapbooks, I should have plenty left over for the quilt. As far as the scrapbooks of her…I bought all the stuff 13 yrs ago…and it still waits for me in the closet.
What you need:

  • Cardboard (cereal boxes work well)
  • Used gift wrap
  • Brown paper bags
  • Slightly used office paper
  • Old shoelaces, ribbons, string or yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Tape
How to make it
  1. First cut the cardboard to be the size you want your scrapbook to be. You will need 2 pieces the same size. Or you may cut one large piece and fold it in half.
  2. Wrap the cardboard up like a present with the old wrapping paper. Try to do the backside neatly as this will be the inside cover of your scrapbook. You may cut another sheet of wrapping paper to tape over the inside to hide all your tape marks.
  3. Cut 10-12 sheets of slightly used office paper, or cut a paper bag into pages in the size of pages you want.
  4. Punch 2 holes along the side (spine) of the front and back cover (see picture). Then punch holes in the pages to match the cover. Make sure they are equal.
  5. Put the pages inside and string the holes with the shoelace or ribbon. Tie this into a bow. Add more pages as needed.
  6. Fill with your favorite memories, pictures or words
Find this project, and others, at Envirokids

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