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Cush Cushion Review

A Memory Foam Wedge Designed for Back Pain Relief

cush cushion review

When your back and/or tailbone (coccyx) hurts – it seems like everything hurts.  It hurts to walk.  It hurts to sit. There are many products on the market to help with this pain, but none that offer a permanent solution.  Cush Comfort has a line of products supporting back pain, and thanks to Cush Comfort, we are bringing you this Cush Cushion review.

Quite often if one relieves the pressure off the spinal column, one’s pain is lessened.  That is why you see the cutout at the back of the cushion.  When one sits – their tailbone/spine fits into that section.  And since the Cush Cushion is thicker in the back than the front (not by much), it accommodates the extra pressure/weight of the behind when one sits down eliminating the butt area from bottoming out. This relieves any pressure on the spinal column, including the coccyx.

In addition to the Cush Cushion aiding in pain relief, you’ll also find that your posture will be better.  Having better posture will help you in years to come from developing Postural Kyphosis.  Sitting tall and standing tall (shoulders back, chest forward) are important factors in keeping your spine healthy.

Let’s take a look at the Cush Cushion’s features:

cush cushion features

Per the Company’s Product Description:

  • INSTANT RELIEF Coccyx cut-out suspends the tailbone, medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point pressure associated with sitting for long periods. You’ll never go back to sitting the old way again.
  • CUSTOM NON SLIP BOTTOM keeps your cushion in place while you sit so you don’t have to constantly reposition
  • NEW DEEPER ERGONOMIC SHAPE to hug your butt as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort
  • 100% HIGH GRADE MEMORY FOAM won’t go flat over time like standard foam cushions.
  • SAFE, 3rd party tested eco-friendly material that is completely odorless

The Cush Comfort cushion stops the pain cycle within 30 seconds of the time you first sit on it. 

Our high performance grade A memory foam technology responds to the heat from your body and forms itself into the exact shape of your butt. This process eliminates the point pressure normally associated with sitting and replaces it with fully distributed support that keeps you comfortable even while sitting for hours on end.

100% pure, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers. 

Because we use only the highest quality material, our cushion is completely environmentally friendly and odorless, and will not flatten over time. No off-gassing or strange smells.

Non-slip bottom side keeps your Cush cushion in place underneath you. 

Standard memory foam cushions are great for back pain, but can negatively affect posture as they slowly slide off of your seat after hours of use, causing you to slump. The Cush cushion solves this problem, and actually encourages excellent posture, using a non slip fabric on the underside of the cushion to keep it in place even after hours of continuous use.

Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee 

We are a mission based company. The cushion you are about to receive is the very same cushion being used on all of our seats at our office, in our cars, and on our seats at home. We stand behind our product. We have high standards and we want our customers to have high standards too. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Cush, just shoot us a message and a real person will respond within a day to make it right.

I can attest that the Cush Cushion has:

  • A wonderful velour fabric – it’s so very soft to the touch.
  • The zipper is sturdy and is easily worked
  • The non-slip bottom works very well for a leather-like covered desk chair.
  • The contours for where one’s legs would set are comfortable; though if I sat too long on the cushion, I could feel pressure on the outside of my thighs and hip area.  What you need to know about my thighs though – they aren’t on the thin side and neither is my butt. I carry most of my weight in the hip/thigh area.
  • The contour cutout is wide enough to accommodate the spinal column area and I felt relief
  • The memory foam certainly bounces back after sitting on the cushion.
  • IF you sit on a chair that you can control the height of, you will want to adjust the height of your chair (lower it) to accommodate the extra cushion under you so that your body isn’t taxed elsewhere.

I wish I had a cushion like this when I was pregnant.  My tailbone hurt so badly before and after giving birth.  It ended up being that the chiropractor put my “misplaced” tailbone back into place, but that didn’t happen for many months after I gave birth.  Had I had a cushion like this where the spinal area has a cut-out, in comparison to a donut cushion, I truly believe I would have experienced much less pain.  Now I use cushions to relieve back/hip pain when I sit for long periods of time.

Moving on – below is the product we received.  Notice how plush it appears?  It’s just as plush in person.

cush cushion review

Below is the bottom of the Cush Cushion.  See all those dots?  That is non-slip material.  This material does a great job in holding the cushion in place on your chair (leather-like seat) unlike the one we obtained at the hospital.

The hospital gave us a wedge that maintains a slippery material (made of a nylon/polyester) throughout the cushion.  That cushion’s material made it hard to get up from the cushion without it slipping about the chair’s seat.  And then when you sat back down – the cushion would slide about. I was always fiddling with the cushion to get it under my butt just right.

cush cushion review

Overall, I am pleased with the cushion in respect to it relieving pressure of the spine and it being a quality cushion; though I do wish it had more seat depth and that it were a tad bit wider.  I wish there were two sizes to choose from, as I would opt for the larger one.  I believe I would find it more comfortable.

That said, I do encourage anyone who needs spinal pain relief to try the Cush Cushion. All bodies aren’t built the same; one can’t go by how it feels to me.  Finding the right cushion is based on personal preference and how one’s body is built.  Don’t forget that you have nothing to lose in trying the Cush Cushion – the company backs their product.

Where to Buy

One can purchase Cush Cushion at Amazon  –  Save 10% – Use the promo code clubcush 
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  1. I like your comments on the Cush Cushion. I know people who need this.

  2. I know people who need these pillows.

  3. I know people who need this pillow.

  4. It is a great idea! My son is always saying he has a sore tail bone when sitting for a while so I will have to get him one.

  5. I could use this. I particularly like the dots for anti-sliding. With a bad back I wouldn’t want to be bending over to pick this up off the floor every time I got out of a chair. I agree about offering different sizes, there are different size people and different size chairs…so…

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