Oct 042012

The one thing we all don’t like to think about is our death. Unfortunately, this is something that we need to think about; and we all should plan for, so that we don’t leave our loved ones hanging. We should decide whether or not we to be buried in a casket or cremated. Either way there is a price to pay.

Cremation prices are a lot less expensive than the prices for a casket. I recently discovered when researching the price of cremations that there may be a place locally where I can prepay for my cremation like the service Neptune Society offers for cremation Las Vegas and by Los Angeles cremation services. I am not sure that I really want to go this route, but I have to look at all my options. I don’t want to leave my family to have to think about ‘what did she want’ or ‘where is the money going to come from’ to bury me. I want to make this dreadful occasion as easy as possible for everyone that’s involved.

Of course, I could prepay for a traditional casket burial should I make that decision. It’s a tough decision deciding on what one wants for their burial either way – a decision I wish I didn’t have to think about.

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