Nov 272011
Now that we’ve made it past Thanksgiving, have the time of your life creating a free personalized video(s) from Santa.  You can send them to whomever you’d like. The application is really cool…Santa looks real, the surroundings look real and the way he does his ‘magic’ is as if Santa really does know all about the person.  I had a blast creating one for my daughter.  My only wish is that I could have done this before she learned about Santa! 
I was determined to find a way to save my video.  Since this application is a flash app, I couldn’t just download it to my PC; however, I did find a way that does work!  Think about how cool this would be to show your children all the videos you created at Christmas time, when they get older 🙂
First – You’ll need to be using the Firefox browser.  
Now –  {Click Here} and download this add-on.  Once done, your browser will need to be restarted.  According to the directions, they say you will see a blue arrow on the toolbar when you’re able to download the video.  This did NOT happen for me.  However, I clicked on the ‘Flash and Video’ tab on my toolbar and could see that I was able to download the video.  Download the file and save to your PC wherever you wish. 
Next – Chances are you won’t be able to play the file without a player that is able to play flv files.  Not to worry!  Download this – {Click Here}
*Norton Virus Scan deemed both of these downloads to be safe.   

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  1. great idea!

  2. Journey through Creation…Thank You! I just made one on that site too! Thanks for sharing. Make it a great week and Happy Holiday's to you and your's 🙂

  3. theres another free video from santa … its the portable northpole …. sooo cute… you can add pics and everything. this is the second year i've done it for my daughter 🙂

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