Nov 212011
So…you’re not sure what to buy the teacher, or give the mailman, or the neighbor next door who works seven days a week, or has a handful of children.  Or how about that Christmas party you’re heading to, where there’s going to be a Yankee Swap?  Here’s a suggestion – how about a Gift in a Jar?
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There are recipes for desserts, soups, for the slow-cooker, cobblers, muffins, breads and one-dish meals. One doesn’t need to be crafty to put together a gift in a jar – all you need are the ingredients, follow the instructions, put a pretty bow on the lid, some ribbon around the neck of the jar and you’re good to go.  You could include a wooden spoon tied with the ribbon used on the neck of the jar.  If you are crafty, you could get some glass paint and decorate the jar with snowmen, Christmas trees, Gingerbread men, or simply…Happy Holidays painted on the jar.

These are fairly inexpensive to make especially if you’re going to make two or three of them.  Looking for jars?  Try freecycle in your area (not sure what freecycle is read this).  You might be able to find jars at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, as well.  Amazon sells many books like the one above to the right; however, you can also find ideas in this free ebook from FaveCrafts:          

Happy Holidays!
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