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Welcome to the Neater Feeder Giveaway

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NO more:

Isn’t this just a great concept?  I need this for my cats – except I would need a table to put it on so that the dog wouldn’t eat their food (she’d eat cat food over dog food every day and we all know how bad cat food is for dogs).  Not only do I need this for my cats, my cats would love this all too much.  They actually have their food container on the end of counter. Sitting next to the counter is a small table.  The cats sit on this table to eat their food.  My point – I’ve found that cats prefer having their food higher than floor level – just like we do.  Now – our dog has something similar to the Neater Feeder, but if she had her way, she’d eat lying down.

You can read Tammie’s review of the Neater Feeder HERE.

  • One (1) person will win a Neater Feeder of their choice and color.  So if you have a dog- big or small, or a cat, they have a size to fit your pet.
  • This Event is open to U.S. only. This Event will be open from 3/10 and end 3/24, starting and ending at 7 p.m.

Please enter using the Giveaways Tools widget below and Good Luck!

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  43 Responses to “Cat/Dog Neater Feeder Giveaway”

Comments (43)
  1. I would love to get the cat neater feeder in red and tan.

  2. I like the small feeder in bronze

  3. I would get Cranberry.

  4. I am not eligible for this giveaway but I wanted to make a comment. I had one cat who was allergic to metal containers and another allergic to plastic. I now only use glass or china.

  5. I would like the bronze cat neater feeder. Thanks for this givewaway!

  6. I would get the feeder in red! I also learned that if you have multiple cats, it might be easier to get the small size because it has the same dimensions but a deeper bowl.

  7. I’d like it in Cranberry.

  8. That there are 4 sizes and it has a spill tray on the undrside

  9. I would get it in cranberry

  10. I would get it in cranberry.

  11. I like the small feeder in bronze

  12. I like the bronze medium dog feeder!

  13. I’d get the red medium size. This is such an awesome idea!

  14. That looks like such a great idea. I’d have a really hard time deciding who to get it for. Hmmmm. maybe the kitties would like one in cranberry 🙂

  15. I would get the bronze one and I like that you can get leg extensions for it.

  16. I’d get the medium in bronze.

  17. Their cat bowls can be used for wet or dry cat food.

  18. i would like the cranberry one

  19. I would get the red one.

  20. I like the large sized water dish’s as we are in AZ, Our dog drinks a LOT!

  21. I would love the neater feeder in bronze.

  22. I just love the design for these dishes! How neat! I think the bronze colored one would fit better in my house. =D

  23. I love the revolutionary design of the neater-feeder that allows for spilled water to collect in a bottom reservoir while the food stays in the top reservoir. The separate reservoirs allow the water to drain to the bottom & the food to stay dry up top. This means a clean, mess free eating area. I LOVE this idea. My cats & dogs are messy eaters, but the neater feeder would mean virtually no clean up.

  24. I would get the Large Neater Feeder in Cranberry!

  25. I like that there is a spill tray underneath to keep water off the floor.
    I would pick the cranberry color.

  26. I’d like the cranberry color 🙂

  27. I like that the Neater Feeder bowls keep the food from spilling on the floor. And the water is right next to the food! I would pick the large Cranberry Neater Feeder!

  28. I like the cranberry.

  29. I really like the cranberry.

  30. I like the Neater Feeder that comes in Cranberry and the size of large. These Neater Feeders are so awesome because they keep a pet’s food from spilling on the floor!

  31. I would get the cranberry in large.

  32. I like how it collects the water.

  33. I like the cranberry

  34. I would love to win the Cranberry Neater Feeder for a large dog. The Neater Feeder is so nice because it keeps the dog food off the floor!

  35. I would get the neater feeder in tan. I like how its adjustable for different heights.

  36. I’d get the red. Its perfect for the kitchen.

  37. I like the Cranberry, it will even match the colors in my kitchen where my doggie food bowls are kept.

  38. I’d get the Medium in red.

  39. I love the Neater Feeder because it keeps dog food off the floor and I would choose the Large Neater Feeder in Cranberry!

  40. i wouldlike the neater eater in bronze,she;s a princess!

  41. I would choose the large feeder, Red.

  42. I learned that the Neater Feeder is the most award winning pet product ever! I would choose the small dog feeder in bronze

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