Jan 222011
Carol Wright Gifts is offering $1.99 shipping on any size offer now through January 31, 2011 at 11:59pm EST.  This is better than using a cash back site as you will save more in the long run.  

Foodnetworkstore.com is having a winter clearance event of  savings up to 80%.  Click-thru mrrebates to get an extra 4% cash back. 

The Company Store is having their annual “White Sale.” Sheets are up to 40% off and if you click-thru mrrebates you will get 3% cash back.
Shopathome.com offers 5% cash back, however as I have stated before, I haven’t any experience with them and user reviews that I have read don’t meet my expectations.  That being said, for the amount of transactions I would use their site for I don’t feel that the 1-2% extra cash back (compared to clicking thru ebates or mrrebates) is worth the aggravation I could endure.  If anyone has had positive experiences with shopathome.com…I welcome hearing about them. 

Haband  is having a “For The Home Sale.”  
  • Use promo code: XFM to receive free shipping on all orders over $15.00 
  • Free shipping offer expires 1/23/11
  • Click thru mrrebates to receive 5% cash back.


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