Apr 022011
I am an avid user of the Windows 7 sniping tool.  I tend to snipe a lot…probably too much, but the tool is so convenient.  Well, yesterday I discovered a new tool that I am in love with, I think even more so.  It’s really that cool!  

Once you install the add-on to your browser, you are able to capture a screen shot of a visible part of a page, a selected area, or the entire page.  From there, you can edit that capture.  You can add text, free form lines, straight lines, rectangles, ellipse, blur, arrows and crop what you’ve selected. 

Once you’re done editing the capture…save it to your PC, or save it on their site.  I happen to like everything on my PC as it’s convenient.  Saving the capture to their site has it’s benefits though; as if your PC were to crash, you wouldn’t lose the capture if you hadn’t backed up your PC.  Here’s an example of what I captured for your viewing. You may need to enlarge your screen really see what I did using the tool (hold Ctrl down while you press + (plus key) as many times as you need to…to shrink your screen…hold Ctrl down and press – (minus key) as many  times as you need).

Grab this add-on for Firefox HERE  
Grab this add-on for Chrome HERE —Chrome is what I have this installed on and the icon is right on the browser in plain sight…which makes it so convenient. I will be installing it on Firefox too (I use both browsers and IE but Chrome wins my love hands down for it’s the fastest)

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  1. snipping tool huh? I didn't even know cool tools like that existed? I'm checking it out 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and you now have a new follower!!

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