Sep 062012
campus book rentals giveaway

Welcome to the Flash Giveaway! Finger Click Saver has teamed up with Oh My Gosh Beck! and other awesome blogs to offer our readers the chance to win one of these prizes:

Chocolate-Covered Fruit Basket from Edible Arrangements ($45 ARV)


$50 Gift Code to use for textbooks offers new and gently used textbooks for typically less than half the price you’ll pay in your school bookstore. Rent textbooks and save up to 90%! The service includes free shipping both ways and allows students to specify their own rental period. The company also awards scholarships, and is actively philanthropic, currently contributing a portion of rental proceeds to Operation Smile.
Giveaway starts Thursday 9/6 at 12:00 PM EST and ends Saturday 9/8 at 11:59 PM EST and is open to US.

Good luck!

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  68 Responses to “Campus Book Rentals Flash Giveaway – Choice of Two Prizes”

Comments (68)
  1. The chocolate covered fruit!! Yummmmm!!

  2. I would love to win this!

  3. I would choose the Campus Book Rental code as I am in college right now, but the fruit basket would also be nice! Hard decision!

  4. campus rentals

  5. MMMMMMMMM, good!

  6. the fruit basket

  7. Chocolate since we already bought all our books

  8. Thank you! 🙂 Chocolate covered strawberries are the most delicious foods ever!

  9. Edible arrangements for sure!!! 🙂 yum

  10. the chocolate covered fruit basket!

  11. love the chocolate covered fruit basket yummy indeed

  12. Chocolate covered fruit basked…unless you dip the gift card in chocolate…lol

  13. the chocolate covered fruit 🙂

  14. The chocolate covered fruit basket please 🙂

  15. The chocolate covered fruit basket–because everyone needs a treat.

  16. Chocolate chocolate chocolate! Helps me study!

  17. Chocolate covered fruit basket! YUM!

  18. OH, do those look good!

  19. The chocolate basket

  20. chocolate!

  21. I would choose the fruit basket

  22. Hi! the chocolate-covered fruit basket

  23. Chocolate covered fruit basked plz

  24. Choc. Covered fruit basket!!!

  25. I would get the $50 giftcard. Textbooks are pricy.

  26. I would pick the fruit basket!!

  27. Yummy i would love to win!

  28. Edible Arrangements!! Yumo!

  29. fruit basket duh! chocolate covered strawberries need I say more?!?

  30. Chocolate covered fruit basket!

  31. I would choose the chocolate covered fruit basket 🙂

  32. fruit basket

  33. If my daughter already has all of her books then the fruit.

  34. My son could sure us the campusrental for his college books.

  35. Oh most definitely the Chocolate Covered Fruit!! 🙂

  36. If I win I’ll take the fruit basket thank you very much!! ^_^

  37. Choc covered fruit basket

  38. Chocolate, duh!

  39. I would pick the Edible Arrangements!!!

  40. I would want the fruit so I can give it to my mother-in-law. Maybe then she will be happy then!!

  41. CCF. Chocolate covered fruit

  42. Oh Yum. I would choose the Chocolate Covered Fruit! I have wanted to try one of the Edible Arrangements baskets for a couple of years now 🙂

  43. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  44. Iwould totally pick the chocolate covered strawberries

  45. Chocolate covered Fruit basket please!

  46. Chocolate covered fruit basket

  47. probably the bookrental one so i can give it to someone that needs it for books 🙂 always try to pay it forward

  48. fruit and chocolate–yum yum

  49. I would take the chocolate-covered fruit basket!

  50. I would choose the edible arrangement 🙂

  51. Looks SOOOO Good!!!

  52. Chocolate and strawberries… chocolate and anything… how can you go wrong!!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  53. CHOCOLATE!!!

  54. chocolate covered fruit basket! i have been dying to try one of these been begging my honey for awhile now =(

  55. choc. fruit basket 🙂

  56. I would honestly have to put deep thought into this decision…seriously. I would appreciate the gift certificate for books, who wouldn’t in school, right? But,, since I am a mother of 4, well, I have to go with the edible arrangement, wishing I could enjoy ALL by myself (but knowing I will be lucky to get more than a teaser) Thanks,,kids!!!! Mommy loves you!!!

  57. the fruit basket! yummy!!

  58. This looks awesone

  59. I would choose the chocolate covered fruit edible arrangement. NEXT year, when my daughter is in college, i would probably choose the campus book rental because ive heard the cost of textbooks is ridiculous.

  60. I love me some chocolate covered treats especially when i share with my hubby! ;p

  61. chocolate fruit of course!
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  62. I’d go for the fruit. I’ve only tried Edible Arrangements in an office, shared setting, so would love to have one of my own. 🙂

  63. We already have the textbooks needed for this semester, I vote for a treat to eat while studying, Edible Arrangement please!

  64. definitely the chocolate covered fruit

  65. i want the fruit basket

  66. the chocolate-covered fruit basket

  67. The chocolate covered fruit!!

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