Jan 092012


Race to the Moon at Cafe Well!
What is Cafe Well?  Cafe Well is sponsored by HealthAmerica. Cafe Well is an online social networking community where individuals can feel safe and secure while managing their health.  One will find support from fellow members along with helpful lifestyle tips and challenges at Cafe Well. Cafe Well hosts the challenge Race to the Moon.
Race to the Moon is their recently challenge.  The challenge is designed to get people motivated to walk or run rather than being stagnate – in a fun and rewarding way.  For instance – instead of taking the elevator – use those stairs.  Or maybe instead of parking as close to the mall doors – park further away and get some walking in.  To assist members in seeing their accomplishments, members receive a free wireless pedometer to help track their progress.  With the challenge being in effect for about a month now, it is proving to be a success amongst members.  In just under a month, the program has members who have walked over 50 MILLION steps – an average of 2.5 million steps a day!
Members of Health America are eligible to sign up at Cafe Well where you will also be able to sign up for the pedometer.  If you aren’t a member of Health America, you can still join the community and use all the features that are offered.
In the meantime – if you were able to create a health challenge – what would it be?  A workout amongst friends?  Or a challenge of eating healthy?  Or possibly, a weight loss challenge consisting of your co-workers or family? …. Hmmm


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