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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness this month as I’m sure you’re well aware of.  You may be sick of hearing about it. Sick of seeing it everywhere you turn.  But the truth is – is that without sending out the message that this deadly cancer can take someone you’re very close to, in a matter of a few short weeks.  That said….please take the time to encourage others to do monthly breast exams – this INCLUDES men.  Although it is not found to be as prominent in men they can and do get breast cancer.

There are certain things in our lives that take a course of a “staple.” Not the one that binds paper materials together, rather fusing social lives and people’s expression of it.

Margo Manhattan has a reputation of a Socially Aware Designer who puts her passion for philanthropy into her art of bringing social consciousness up a notch with every decade.

We tend to get used to things and forget what the origin is. Thus the fate of “cleenex,” as we call it any tissue paper we use. The same honorable fate lies with the Pink Ribbon of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Margo Manhattan was the one to design the first Pink Ribbon for several cancer fund-raising efforts, including  Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Today, Margo’s visionary designs continue to live on and take the shape of her personal expression of life in jewelry.

A portion of all sales made this month would go towards Breast Cancer Research.

Margo Manhattan Pink Ribbon

All proceeds from the sales of the Pink Ribbon to benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Margo Manhattan Meridian Bracelet

All proceeds from the sales of the Meridian Bracelet to benefit The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

We would like you to join in this Powerful and Beautiful effort to celebrate life by making a Small Change for a more vibrant and healthier living this month and doing your regular monthly Breast Self-Exams.

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— Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf) October 11, 2013

Take the time now to educate yourself on how you can help yourself to reduce the chance of getting this horrific, deadly cancer.   Here are a couple ideas for you to ponder – switching to an all-natural anti-depressant/deodorant, learning if you’re at risk for breast cancer by carrying the gene they are now associating breast cancer with, do those monthly breast exams to catch any lumps early.  This last one is so important for more than the obvious reason.  The FDA has recently approved a med that is used in the late stages of treating breast cancer, to where one can take it in the early stages (before the cancer metastasizes) in hopes to make recovery that much faster, and possibly reducing the chance of any cancer returning.

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