Dec 082011

Give back to your local school although you may not have children in that school.  It’s as simple as cutting (I tear) the box tops off the boxes and putting them aside in a container.  When you get enough saved up drop them off at the school, give them to a child you know, or mail them to the school.

I have no children in our local elementary school, so I either give them to the second grader up the street or take them into the school.

Many times, there are rewards for the classroom that collects the most box top points.  The kids get excited they are being rewarded for their efforts and the ones that don’t get the reward – they work harder the next year.

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  1. Thanks LadyM! The G+ button and I are having a love/hate relationship these days – I'd love it on my site but I'm hating that I can't get it to display correctly! Sometimes the tops are easy to miss! Don't ya just love those boxes with the bonus box tops? I'm glad you are a collector and the kids/school – I'm sure appreciate you.

    Go ahead! Make it a great day!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at the Locla Blog Directory! 🙂 Don't froget to grab the button so others will know you are listed!!! Sharon!

  3. I would love to make it a great day! lol
    but yeah we do the box tops every year even during the summer we collect for the following school year. They're not just on box tops! they can be found on sooo many products nowadays and sometimes when I buy two of something I won't notice it on the first bag/box I threw away! Love the boxtops program, and we look on the site to see how much our school collected, it's pretty neat 🙂

    following and circled ya 🙂

  4. was looking for a +1 button for this post and found your “on the fence” button so I voted :))

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