Aug 052012
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Welcome to BHG’s State Fragrance Contest

I am proudly participating in Better Homes and Garden’s State Fragrance Contest.  When asked if I would like to participate and represent NH (my home state) I was thrilled; however, by the time I returned the email after being on a mini-vaca, NH already had been spoken for.  Not a problem though.  I was then asked if I would represent Washington D.C., and of course, I said, “Yes!”

So, what is BHG’s State Fragrance Contest?  Simply put, this contest is about promoting BHG’s Wax Warmers and Scented Cubes found exclusively at Walmart stores and  Each state has a ‘blogger ambassador’ representing their state.  Our job was to create a fragrance that best represents our state using BHG’s Wax Cubes.

With Better Homes and Gardens scented wax cubes and warmers, you can fill your home with your favorite fragrances for less, available only at Walmart!

A Bit about the product!

Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Warmers

Their selection of scented wax warmers makes every room more welcoming and inviting with a fresh new look and scent.

  • Fill your home with your favorite fragrance, for less
  • Attractive wax warmers are just $15 and scented wax cube packs, start at only $2 each
  • Safe to use with no flame or soot
  • Easy to re-use and clean

Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Cubes:

  •  Available in packs of 6 scented wax cubes
  • Fragrant immediately upon melting
  • Wax can be reused or recycled
  • Available in dozens of scents—choose your favorites or mix and match to create your own unique fragrances

Since I am the blogger ambassador for D.C., I named the new fragrance for D.C., Spring Festival.  Here’s why:  When I think of D.C. – the first thing that always comes to mind is the Cherry Blossom Festival.  This is one festival that I would love to see in person.   Add to that, that in NH we have beautiful lilacs that blossom in the spring.  Lilacs are a favorite flower of mine and wish that they blossomed from spring to fall because their scent is as magnificent as their blossoms.  Lilacs also blossom in the spring in D.C.  Put the two together and I have a spring festival blossoming in my home. A spring festival that consists of Better Homes and Garden’s French Lilac Blossom and Shimmering Cherry Blossom cubes that I can enjoy the scent of all year long.

What’s in it for you?

Voting for my new fragrance for D.C. will bring you:

  • The chance to win one of 10 – $25 Walmart giftcards, should D.C’s scent have the most votes come August 31st. The winning blogger will be given these giftcards for a giveaway for their readers.  So please spread the word – get your friends and family to vote for D.C.! 
  • In addition – 10 voters will be randomly selected to win a BHG Wax Warmer and a 6-pack of Wax Cubes.

What’s in it for me?

If my state’s fragrance comes out on top – I will win a an all-expense paid trip to Better Homes and Gardens headquarters for a behind the scenes tour of the Test Kitchen, Test Garden, Photo Studios and visit with the brand’s style makers!  I would love to go and bring you back lots of pictures of the event.  I would love to be the one to reward my voters with a giveaway 🙂

Cast your vote on  the Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page

Here’s how:

  • Like BHG’s page
  • Click on the State Fragrance Contest image (says Sweepstakes) under it
  • Find D.C. and click on ‘Vote Now.’

Thank you so much for your support – let’s see where we end up…hopefully, at the top!

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