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Finding the best assisted living facility for your loved ones can be difficult. There are hundreds
of facilities to choose from, and you don’t want to choose a bad facility where your loved ones
can be hurt or mistreated. Your loved ones may also have special needs that most assisted living
facilities do not cater to. If you need help finding the right assisted living facility, then visit the
websites below to find the best facilities in your area.

Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities is a website that features a huge direction with over 36,000 facilities to
choose from. There are also several ways to search for the best facility. You can enter a zip code,
select a state or type in the name of an agency. This allows you to easily narrow your select so
that you can find the best facility for your loved ones.

Assisted Living Facilities will give you the name of the facility, the head administrator and the
address. You will also get a phone number so that you can call the facility to ask any questions.

Assisted Living Source
Assisted Living Source is a comprehensive website that offers a lot of information. Searching for
assisted living facilities is easy. You can click a city or state, or you can enter your address or zip
code to find local facilities. This will bring up a list of applicable facilities that you can choose

Each listing will give you information about the amenities, the address and type of services that
are offered. You can also contact the facility directly through a contact form on the website.

Many listings also have reviews from families that are using the facility. The reviews are helpful
because you will hear what other people experienced when they used that facility. You don’t
want to send your loved ones to a bad place, and this can help warn you about such facilities.

Senior Housing Net
Senior Housing Net is a website that lists thousands of different assisted living facilities, and you
can easily narrow your search by selecting a state, or entering your address or zip code. If you
need to find an assisted living facility for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, then
this is one of the best websites because there is a checkbox that allows you to include these
special facilities in your search.

All of the listings are very detailed. Each listing tells you the amenities and services rendered,
and there is a separate section that shows you the price of each service. There is also a detailed
map so that you can easily find the facility.

Third Age
Third Age is a website dedicated to helping you find the best assisted living facility for your
loved ones. There is a detailed search engine that will help you find nearby facilities, and you
can also narrow your search by looking for specific amenities. You can also broadly look at all
of the facilities in your area to see how they rank.

There are review written by real members that will show you what it was like working with the
facility. Many of the reviews are good, but there are a few bad ones that you will want to pay
attention to.

Aging Care
Aging Care is a website that works very closely with assisted living facilities. Aside from
making it easy to find facilities, there are several buttons and forms that allow you to ask
questions, schedule a visit or speak with a representative over the phone.

If you are the inquisitive type and you want to directly speak with the facility before even
looking at it, then this is one of the best websites. You will find a lot of information, and there
are also some great articles on caring for aging loved ones.

Finding the right assisted living facility is hard. There are thousands of facilities out there, and
some of them may not offer the services that you need. If you use one of the websites above,
then you should be able to narrow your search until you have found the perfect facility for your
needs. This means that you can be confident that your parents or grandparents are getting the
care that they need.

Author Bio
Mark Carol is a health writer for Assisted Living Today; a leading source of information on
a range of topics related to elderly care and assisted living.

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