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Beautiful Calendar

Chrome Extension Review

Beautiful Calendar Chrome Extension

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life.  Online organization can get the best of me sometimes.  I really try, but I am such a visual person that I need things front and center because if they aren’t, then they are literally out of sight and out of mind (we won’t go into details of what my desk or computer monitor looks like 🙂

I do find that using the Gmail calendar is helpful and is one of my favorite ways of being organized online.  The feature of being able to set reminders for as many days/months as I’d like and receive those reminders in my email or as a pop-up notification – does wonders for me.  The drawback though (for me) is that even though I can see what’s on my calendar right in my email window, I tend to forget to look at it.  Opening up the calendar in a tab is not on my priority list either.

Then recently when I was asked to test test the waters of Beautiful Calendar – a customizable-themed Chrome Extension, I said sure – maybe this will be the calendar I need.  Honestly, I find that it has some really nice features.

Features include:

For starters – adding the extension right from beautifulcalendar.net site while in Chrome is easy (searching the Chrome store is not my idea of a good time).


beautiful calendar chrome extension

  • Syncing the calendar is as easy as logging into Gmail from the extension (a pop-up opens)
  • Whenever you open up a Chrome tab the calendar is right in front of you (top photo)
  • Changing the theme can be done right from a tab. I think this is very cool – there’s no getting bored of one theme.
  • All your events for one day are listed on the calendar in a condensed form so that if you were to open a tab with someone around – they can’t see what’s on your agenda.  Though if you only have one – that is front row and center.  You can get around that by adding a fake event right from the calendar, if that’s an issue for you.
  • Editing an event is easy.  Simply click on the item you want to edit and you get a pop-up window:

Beautiful Calendar Chrome ExtensionBeautiful Calendar Chrome Extension reviewOne thing that wasn’t over the top for me – was that the extension seemed to slow down my browser in the sense of opening a tab and being able to type right away in the search or URL address bars.  Though this isn’t a deal breaker for me either where there are features that really work for me – I will test the waters a bit longer.

There are so many calendar extensions to be had and they aren’t a “one size fits all” type of deal, Beautiful Calendar may be the Chrome calendar extension you’re in need of.  I’d love for you to share your thoughts.


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