Aug 122012
Welcome to our back to school mystery box giveaway stuffed FULL of the school supplies you need! This box is perfect for Teachers and students! Inside the box you will find…..wait, that is the mystery part….but it is valued at over $160 and AWESOME!

Finger Click Saver has teamed up with Cook’n (our sponsor) and few awesome bloggers to bring you this amazing giveaway! 

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Here is a sneak peak of this mystery box!

If you are thinking this box above is not good enough 🙂 we have 3 mystery boxes designed for different age groups….so feel free to Enter them ALL! Thanks to our sponsor Cook’n and to the awesome team of bloggers that are bringing these 3 different giveaways to you!

ENTER College/Teen box             *ENTER Kids box HERE*           ENTER Teacher/Adult box 

And here is the sneak peak of the gift card the winner will receive (that is also part of Mystery box)

RULES: Contest is open to USA & International. $160+ Value. No purchase necessary. The winner will be selected by random and be notified by email. The winner will have 24 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. Giveaway ends Friday August 17, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST. You Must be 18+ to enter this contest. Contest is no way associated with Facebook. Enter for your chance to win using the form below: Only Mandatory “Easy entry” is to enter the Rafflecopter form to be in with the chances of winning. All other entries are OPTIONAL. Good luck!


Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for sharing this giveaway, I just like to share awesome giveaways with you! **I love my kids and Finger Click Saver** is not responsible for prize shipment. Winners will be notified via the email they used on the rafflecopter form. 
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  172 Responses to “Back-to-School Mystery Box Giveaway”

Comments (172)
  1. Target.

  2. Walmart, and Target–sometimes Office max

  3. My preferred stores for school supply shopping are Target and Wal-Mart

  4. This year it has been Walmart – they have had a lot of $1 and under colorful “extras”!

  5. Mine has to be Wal-Mart for supplies.

  6. Target

  7. Target!

  8. Walmart usually has the best deals but Target is pretty good too!

  9. Wal-Mart

  10. My favorite store for back-to-school shopping is Office Max!

  11. Walmart

  12. My preferred store is the one with the cheapest prices!

  13. Would <3 To Win For My Kids.

  14. Things seem cost much less at Walmart. I love the 10 cent glue sticks, I always stock up this time of year because I know I won’t want to buy as many as my kids want to use any other time of year

  15. Fred Meyer has been the store for me this year.

  16. Staples had a nice sale going on so I bought a bunch there. I mostly stock up though to donate to the schools.

  17. i love target!

  18. For me and my school supplies (I’m in college) I prefer Staples, for my son (he’s in 1st grade) Walmart for his supplies.

  19. Walgreens does some really good back to school sales, as does Walmart and Target. I go where ever the good sales are though.

  20. surprisingly Target has SUPER cheap deals (at least where I live)…50 cents for a 24 pk of Crayola crayons-that’s pretty sweet.

  21. walmart

  22. walmart and staples !

  23. Target and Wally- World.

  24. Target, they never hassle me when I use coupons.

  25. Walmart. Their prices were pretty good this year.

  26. Big Lots.

  27. If I can’t get it at Target, I go to Staples.

  28. Target and Office Max.

  29. So far best buys for my area has been Staples.

  30. Target and Staples

  31. Target & Staples

  32. Walmart and Target!!!

  33. I really like Target and Staples sales, but if there is something I need and there isn’t currently a sale Walmart’s every day low pricing sometimes works out perfect. Of course coupons always sweeten any deal 🙂

  34. I love Staple!

  35. Walmart and Fred Meyers. We don’t have a Target in town.

  36. WalMart is closest, but I love me some Target when I get the chance.

  37. What are your preferred store(s) to shop for school supplies?

    ~WalMart and K-Mart

  38. My preferred store for Back to School items is Wal-Mart; they always have the best low prices and lot’s of stock on hand.

  39. I would Staples. Their prices are competitive and school supplies are always in stock.

  40. Staples…with all the penny and quarter deals!

  41. Walmart

  42. We homeschool and wouldd love any of those boxrs

  43. We like to shop at walmart and staples for our school supplies

  44. I prefer to shop at Target or WalMart for school supplies.

  45. Target is my got to store

  46. We shop at Wal-Mart,Staples and Dollar General for school supplies.

  47. We use Wal-Mart

  48. Usually Wal*Mart!

  49. Walmart

  50. Target

  51. I shop mainly at walmart or the dollar general

  52. I would say this year was Wal-Mart and a little bit of Walgreens

  53. I personally like Walmart.

  54. walmart

  55. walmart

  56. I actually find a lot of good deals using coupons at Publix!

  57. Walmart I always find great deals there!

  58. I usually split up my shopping and follow the sales 🙂

  59. I go to Walmart for supplies.

  60. target or walmart

  61. Staples and Walmart are my fav stores for school supplies

  62. I like the staples penny sale!

  63. A new Big Lots opened near me great deals, before them it was walmart or staples

  64. Walmart…..would be Target if one was near.

  65. we actually get better buys consistantly at dollar general!

  66. Target and Office Max

  67. Walmart and Kmart are the closest to me so are my preferred…

  68. I don’t have a lot of options for shopping way up in the middle of nowhere. So I do a one stop shop at Walmart 🙂

  69. Target and Walgreens

  70. this for me little brother 🙂

  71. walmart or target

  72. I like to shop at Target for school supplies because they have cute stuff that is still affordable.

  73. Walmart…little town not too many options. Thanks

  74. Staples, WalMart & Office Max

  75. This would be SWEET! With 5 kids, you never have too many school supplies! 🙂

  76. Oh, and this year it happens to be Office Depot! Paper, erasers, glue, sharpeners all $.25 and under!! Woop woop!!! 🙂

  77. Walmart

  78. Walmart and Target!

  79. I prefer Wal-Mart

  80. Starting this year I have both of my children in College!! So wherever I can save a dollar I try and do!! I will go to Officemax, Walgreens, CVS, & Target with my coupons and get what I can from all of them!!

  81. Target and staples!

  82. I prefer shopping at Walmart, CVS

  83. Awesome giveaway! Thanks! 🙂

  84. Wal-Mart

  85. I like Walmart and Target. I also like Staples and OfficeMax when they run the back to school sales where you can get items super cheap.

  86. Target

  87. I love Staples!

  88. I do most of my school shopping at Walmart, but this year Shopko is having some equally good sales.

  89. Most of my back to school shopping is done online, I used my Max perks from Office max and took advantage of Office Depot’s amazing sales.

  90. Walmart is about our only choice.

  91. Target, Walmart and Staples

  92. Target!

  93. Target!

  94. Wal Mart

  95. Wal-mart

  96. Wal mart

  97. Wal Mart

  98. OfficeMax

  99. I don’t really have a preferred place but usually end up at Staples or Office Max during their really good sales.

  100. Walmart when I have to, Target when I can. But I love Office Depot! 😀

  101. Walmart and Office Max

  102. Walmart

  103. My favorite store to shop for school supplies is Walmart

  104. Target – the best for good quality and selection of school supplies.

  105. Staples, Office Max, and Target.

  106. I love to shop @ Target

  107. Target! They have an awesome selection!

  108. WallyWorld (wal mart) just b/c no other store in my town with better prices

  109. Living in a small town we only have access to Walmart or Kmart, and I definitely prefer Walmart!

  110. Target!

  111. i always shooped at walmart for all my school needs but i just started finding more of my daughter wants in target…like cute sparkly pencils and all this neat stuff for a great prize they got.

  112. I prefer to shop at Walmart

  113. Walmart is the only General merchandise store in my town. I do however count myself lucky to have a different grocery story because I really am not a fan of shopping at Walmart but since that is the only store in town that is the store where I do my back to school shopping. School starts here on Aug 27th

  114. Myson goes back 8-29 and I like Walmart:)

  115. My son starts his second year of preschool on September 10th.

  116. I generally shop at the dollar store, but sometimes hit the fall sales.

  117. walmart

  118. My daughter has orientation tomorrow so I guess she starts next week

  119. My son is going back on Aug 28th our favorite store is Rite Aid

  120. August 20th and Target

  121. Walmart is my choice mostly because it’s the only general store nearby. Kids go back to school September 4th.

  122. Awesome giveaway!!

  123. Target … Kmart

  124. I want the college one 🙂

  125. Walmart and staples best places in the world

  126. My daughter started back today.

  127. August 27th…and I like to shop anywhere I can find the lowest prices!

  128. My little one goes back to school the Wed after Labor Day! (:

  129. My middle school aged children go back August 22, 2012 🙂

  130. Kids went back Friday August 10th

  131. My kids went back Friday August 10th

  132. OOoh Walmart

  133. Honestly, I’ll use some of the supplies because office supplies rock!

  134. My whole household would benefit. Probably me most, I can really use things for my home office.

  135. walmart

  136. my three sisters, specially the one in high school 🙂

  137. They start back on August 20th.

  138. We started school back up on Tuesday.

  139. My son starts preschool this year! Let the school supply madness begin (and I will need some tissues of course).

  140. Actually, bunch started back-to-school this past Monday, August 13th.

  141. Usually at Walmart! My kids go back to school in about 3 weeks, and they are excited 🙂

  142. She starts school on Aug. 22.

  143. it would be useful to the kids I will be teatching english to.

  144. School started last week

  145. We homeschool and this would be so great!

  146. I have 2 freshman (1 high school, 1 college)… 1 starts on Monday, the other a week from Monday. They could both use whatever we could win! 🙂

  147. I dont have kids, but this would be for my niece and nephews, they start really soon!

  148. My Daughter Goes Back to School AUG. 20th

  149. My kids go back Day after Labor day.

  150. I am currently a college student. My son and I both go back to school on Monday, August 20.

  151. Everyone in our house could use the mystery box items!Amy

  152. We homeschool, we will start officially next week. But the learning goes on year round here.

  153. My kids went back to school this past Wednesday, Aug. 15th.

  154. Wal-Mart was my closest area store, and they were out of alot of the items on my jr high students list. Both my high school’er and my 6th grader, start school on Monday Aug 20. Senior year for my oldest daughter, I’m already sad!

  155. going back next week I would taake a few things i would use then give the rest to my friend who is a teacher.

  156. I wouldlike a walmart gift cart to buy school supplies and donate them to the teachers.
    The teachers go above and before purchasing school supplies out of their own pocket. This would help them out alot and they deserve it for all they do for our children.

  157. I could use these supplies for my homeschooling!

  158. This would make a wonderful box of supplies for my school teacher daughter. She has been a teacher for over 10 years and a lot of times she has to supply her students with supplies for her class. So it is especially nice to see teachers get things at a discounted price or as a gift.

  159. Looks like a great box of goodies.

  160. As the middle-aged adult female head of household who is starting another full load of school at the end of this month, my whole household would be significantly impacted by winning one of these boxes.

  161. Walmart!

  162. walmart

  163. My son started back Wensday and is in 1st grade,brand new distict but hes doing great!

  164. Sept. 4

  165. I would use this box in my homeschool.

  166. love the kids one and walmart gift card

  167. I would use some of the supplies myself and donate the rest to my son’s school!

  168. i shop at walmart, dollar stores and where ever is cheap

  169. My kids went back Thursday the 16th

  170. monday, august 20

  171. we are just starting out own business so this would really help out with office type items.

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