Sep 272017

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Auto Payment Calculator, Auto Inventory, Auto Safety Tips & Recalls, Car Seat Safety & More – All on One Site –

I truly hate car shopping and when I was in a position of having to find a car fast as our other car had been totaled from an accident as a result of an act of God (how insurance determines certain types of accidents) – I turned to the internet.  In doing so, I saved a lot of money through online negotiating. That was 10 years ago.

Here I am now in a position of wanting/needing a newer vehicle – one that has low mileage, isn’t an all wheel drive vehicle, is a small SUV (I think), and good on gas.  I must like the back end of the vehicle and the interior can’t be tan.  I know this might be a lot to ask for, but I’m confident I will eventually find the right vehicle for me.

I exhausted all the local dealership sites in my area looking for a used vehicle and decided I’d try searching Google.  I came across  I took a chance to see what they could offer me for inventory – thinking this site isn’t local, so what would I really find.  Guess what?  I was pleasantly surprised!  I found local places that I hadn’t searched that had inventory and a whole lot more that I’ve found to be valuable resources.

Resources like – the ability to review a vehicle, finding service and repair information – even for those DIY’ers, safety and recall information, information on car seat safety and safety dangers of vehicles, estimating an auto payment using the Auto Payment Calculator, and so much more.

Ironically, this week is Car Seat Safety week and thought it would be worth sharing this information that brings to consumers.  They are committed to doing car seat checks so that one is informed how well a vehicle stands up to keeping children safe.

Seriously, I really don’t get into all these – this is “such and such day, week, or month” but I do feel this IS one of the most important causes one could “label a week” as being.  Back 50/60 years ago, car seats were so different than they are today….but then, so were cars and the size of the population.  The style of cars, car seats as well as the laws on car seats, have evolved – though some cars are much safer at keeping a child safe in a car seat than other vehicles.  Not only do parents need to think about car seat safety – so do grandparents, or any other family member, friend or babysitter who is putting a car seat in their car.  Car seat safety really IS that important…and it pays to be informed.

Though I didn’t find the vehicle I’m looking for in my locale with the specifications I’m looking for – I will keep checking back on the site.  I will also use this site as a resource in getting information on a vehicle I’m interested in, no matter what site/dealership I find my dream vehicle at.

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