Feb 262011

A friend approached me today asking me to help her find SAT Tutoring for her daughter. Why she asked me, is beyond me. Maybe, because, I maneuver the Internet very well? Other than that, this subject happens to be very unfamiliar territory to me.

Back in my day, if you didn’t have the money to go to college…there was no need for SAT tutoring, which was the case with my family. For that matter, college wasn’t a mentioned word in my family. I have a son who’s 26, and he didn’t have the need, as he is severely developmentally disabled. My daughter is only 13, and in seventh grade, so we haven’t gotten that far yet. Regardless, I do love a challenge, so I said I would help her!

When I did a search for SAT tutoring many websites came up. I began clicking on links to these websites, gathering information from each site, and noting what each one has to offer. I spent a lot of time in trying to find the best fit for my friend and her daughter. I was impressed with this one website and thought I would share it with you (click link above). Maybe this company will work for you as well, in which case, I may have saved you a lot of legwork!

Best of luck to all those who are nearing the testing!

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