Mar 202015

Are You a Fitness Influencer? Take the Quiz

Many people are driven to exercise – and many – they just can’t get out of their own way.  The latter individuals may not know where to start or they may need the extra encouragement to begin and/or continue on.

Unfortunately, without keeping ourselves healthy and moving, many things can happen to the body.  Illness can set in.  Muscles will pull away from the bones over time.  Loss of energy occurs.

If one doesn’t eat right – the body depletes of much needed vitamin and minerals.  Many times people are overweight because their bodies are depleted of vitamins and minerals that are needed for certain body organs to function.

Eating right and exercising really doesn’t come easy to many.  And you probably have come across someone who fits that category.  So – what do you do?  Do you find yourself trying to help them by encouraging their efforts of helping themselves to lead a better lifestyle?  Can you do a better job at helping others get over an often overwhelming situation?

See how you measure up!  Take the Fitness Quiz below that the Wellness Corporate Solutions has put together. Find out how much of an influencer and motivator you are to others.

Quiz via Wellness Corporate Solutions.

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