Jun 232011
Are you a contact lens wearer?  Have you ever considered buying your lenses online?  Back 24 years ago I began wearing contact lenses.  They cost me a small fortune – to the tune of over $240 for the lenses prescribed for my vision needs for a year.  In my state, one must have their eyes examined once a year in order to order new lenses.

So, roughly ten years ago, I smartened up and began to purchase them online.  The money I save by purchasing them online is incredible.  I have yet to get a bad lens, and I have yet to have a company not follow through on sending me the correct lenses.  And no, I do not buy from 1-800-Contacts for the mere fact that if I were going to pay their price, I might as well buy them at my eye doctor’s office.  And if you didn’t know…if you order contacts through Walmart…they utilize 1-800-Contacts.

Here’s what I do…I do a Google search for the brand of lens the eye doctor has prescribed for me.  This year it happens to be Air Optix for Astigmatism.  So that is what I did my search on.  I clicked many links to see which site offered the best price, including the price comparison sites.

From my research, I discovered some websites only offer 3 lenses to a box rather than the usual 6. I also discovered many sites on the Net that are the cheapest aren’t US sites. Knowing this, I came to the decision that I didn’t want to purchase from a company that wasn’t US based even though I could save even more money by utilizing on of those websites. This decision is a personal decision.  I just feel if I am putting these lenses in my eyes…how do I really know what those companies have to follow for guidelines in other countries.  I surely don’t want some kind of foreign bacteria getting into my eyeballs!

Anyway, after coming up with a couple of sites that offered the best prices, I then checked to see if any of the click-thru shopping sites offered cash back on purchases from those sites.  I did find one, however…I figured out for what I would get for cash back by buying through this one website, I would actually make out better by buying from a website that doesn’t participate in cash back shopping.  In addition, I found an online coupon code for the website I was ordering from; plus, I got free shipping!  And to sweeten the deal, I also made sure to order before the time frame was up for the manufacturer’s rebate…which in my case, the manufacturer required the lenses be ordered within 90 days from the eye exam.

So when all was said and done…I purchase a years supply of contact lenses for less than $24 a box, $95.40 for a years supply.  If I had purchased from 1-800-Contacts I would have doled out $199.96 in the end for a years supply.  I saved myself $104.56.

I’m very happy with my savings and can’t wait to get a new set of lenses in my eyeballs :-).  I guess I won’t have to wait too long.  They arrived in the mail today!

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  1. I discovered a new site–CoastalContacts.com. I “liked” their Facebook page and for one day they were giving away FREE glasses. Any frames you wanted, with prescription. It was amazing. Their contacts look pretty cheap, too.

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