Feb 282012
Gift Cards are one of the most fabulous creations retailers came up with.  Don’t but them full-price though.  Plan ahead and get them at discounted prices.  You can even buy them for yourself to use – saving you money.
For instance, Applebee’s gift cards will be discounted 10% Feb. 28th and 29th.  If you were to buy a $30 gift card, you’d get it for $27 – a $3 savings to put into your pocket!  If you were to buy 10 – $30 gift cards over a year at a 10% savings, you’d be putting $30 in YOUR pocket and for 10 – $50 gift cards at a 10% savings – you’d be putting $50 back in your pocket.   

Buy discounted gift cards for Applebees at Plastic Junglee

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