Jul 252015

Advantages to Using PayPal to Buy Online

PayPal makes up a huge part of the eWallet service market and it’s one of the most trusted names out there. It’s the most popular service of its kind, people love being able to shop online with PayPal and there are plenty of reasons why.

It’s a more secure way to pay online as it stops people from having to enter their card details directly into a site. Instead PayPal acts as a middle man and handles the payment and authorization process, which means the merchant never sees the customer’s card details. With so much fraudulent activity stemming from unscrupulous merchants or insecure check outs PayPal is handy to have.

The level of protection against fraud that PayPal offers is huge, they notify customers of any suspicious activity and if a user is the victim of fraud they can open up a dispute. The Resolution Center deals with any disputes and it PayPal find that the user did not authorize the payments, they’ll refund the money back.


It’s also convenient, every time customers want to pay on a new site they don’t need to hunt for their credit card or even make an account. PayPal does it all, from providing the payment information to entering the customer’s shipping and billing addresses. This means people can check out faster than ever by simply entering their username and password.

Customers with a PayPal account can use this way to pay with lots of different online retailers, which is useful as you don’t need to sign up to lots of different services. It’s the most ubiquitous eWallet on the internet and is partnered with Ebay, which combines lots of different merchants in one area.

PayPal offers a higher degree of flexibility too, if customers have an expired or declined card on their account they can simply choose another card to pay with. Some sites automatically cancel a transaction when customers enter the wrong information so this feature of PayPal means they won’t need to go through the whole process again.

People can also choose to use a PayPal casino, which protects them while playing casino games online. There are so many different casino sites and not all of them are legitimate, when players see the PayPal logo in the payment options, they know they can play under their protection.

Using the PayPal app also gives customers even more benefits, from increased access to their account to discounts from retailers. Being able to monitor your account on the go is perfect for keeping an eye on your funds and you can authorize payments too.

It’s not just online retailers that you can send a payment to, you can send funds to anyone with an account. Perfect for transferring fund to friends that you owe to or even sending money to family abroad. Customers can also pay in different currencies with an up to date exchange rate provided by PayPal, so you’ll know you’re getting a good deal.

The best part about using PayPal is that customers can get all of these benefits for free, as it doesn’t cost anything to make an account and add your cards. It’s a great service and can save you a lot of hassle in the long run by protecting you from fraud.


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