Aug 222012
Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror

My family had the pleasures of visiting Water Country and we had a great time!  Two of us had never been to a ‘BIG’ water park before and didn’t know what to expect.  Myself, I wasn’t quite sure whether I’d be sitting off to the sidelines while the kids experienced the park or if I would actually be going on the slides and rides after viewing the pictures on their website.  I was thinking maybe I was just a tad bit too old and wouldn’t fare well; considering I don’t like roller coasters or things that move fast that I have no control over – things that never used to bother me.  I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised and had a blast.  Be assured – you’re not too old to go!  During our visit, people of ALL age groups were there 🙂

As we entered the park, my eyes were directed to what I could see over the fence.  One of the slides I could see quite well was their newest slide Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror.  I had envisioned this BIG slide with lots of twists and turns and steep drops.  That wasn’t the case, and I was very happy to see that it wasn’t, as I would have had some very disappointed kids.  All I heard from the kids this week was, “You are going down that with us, right?”  Um – no, not if it doesn’t fit my criteria. They didn’t like my answer…how is that?  They still had each other!

The whole slide is enclosed and you’re in complete darkness as you travel through your journey to make it to the end.

Even though one doesn’t know what to expect as they travel through the dark tunnel – I actually found it to be very cool!   I would open my eyes slightly as I traveled down the slide – but couldn’t see a thing, so I decided to keep them closed 🙂

One of the Kiddie Slide Areas

This is one of the Kiddie areas – very cool – even cooler once you’re inside and get a good look at it. There are four areas for Kiddies in total.

I could have traveled the Adventure River for the entire duration we were there.  I found it to be extremely relaxing.   We actually traveled it three times.  The kids thought they were being funny by making sure they sent my tube in the direction of any water spouting out.

The two lovelies on the bridge over the Adventure River Ride

In front of the Adventure River

I really wish I had a water-proof camera for this visit, or realized at the start of our visit, that there is a booth where one can get a band and the staff who work the booth go around snapping pictures of you/yours on the slides and rides.  One then views the pics at their booth and purchases the ones they like.  Oh well, a lesson learned.  I did get some photos at the end before we headed out – so not all was lost.

You can head to Water Country too!  Make sure you print this coupon, which can save you up to $21 in admission.

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