Jun 142013

In talking with my mother in law tonight – she was telling me how she was cleaning her carpet. Well, actually spot cleaning it because to do the entire rug herself is too hard on her body right now. If she had just asked, I would have gone up and helped her and I think I still will. Sure she could hire an expert rug cleaning service, but that is not how she operates. What she was doing though – set off a memory I could live without.

I find cleaning upholstery much too time consuming for me.  I’ll never forget is the time I was painting my living room about 5 years ago. Not thinking I put the paint tray on the back of the sofa. Next thing I knew Maggie, one of our cats, decided to come visit me. She hadn’t been around all night; but of course, she had to show up when I put that tray on the back of the sofa. The next thing I knew – the paint tray was down on the floor, but not before it spilled a good portion of the paint on the sofa.

What a mess I had on my hands. I was so frustrated. Paint was everywhere and not just splatters of paint but puddles – yes, the tray had just been filled. I had to get out the little green clean machine and see what I could suck up with that. Then I had to get out the big carpet cleaner because I needed a more powerful suction to get out the cleaner and water that had seeped into the upholstery. The larger carpet cleaner did a much better job at sucking out what the little cleaner didn’t.

It’s a good thing this piece of furniture was forever old because I would have had to call in an expert rug cleaning company to make sure the job was done right. This experience was a lesson learned, and as I said earlier, a memory I could live without!

Do you have a memory that created so much work for you, because you just weren’t thinking, that you could live without?

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  1. Oh yes, absolutely. I was trying to be suave and carry drinks out on a tray to people who were partying outside. Slick me, tripped on the rug between the kitchen and living room to go outside and drinks flew all over the living room. It was horrifying and so sad. It took forever to clean EVERYTHING! Thanks for your share.

  2. What a mess! I wouldn’t know If I’d laugh, cry or get rid of the cat. I made a huge mess. I heated up a bowl of chili. As I was walking I tripped and chili went everywhere. On the furniture and ceiling.It took forever to clean up.

    • It was a mess Lisa! I can’t imagine having chili everywhere either though! The red color – I can only imagine seeped into the ceiling real fast. Add to that the beans, and burger (if you had that in it), sucking that up isn’t doable 🙁

  3. Oh I would probably have a panic attack if that happened to me. I spill water and I freak so I couldn’t image paint.

  4. A memory that I could live without is after remodeling our front room; with new wood flooring, new walls, new furniture – which included a sofa set, coffee and end tables, and a black shiny bar with stools, I made it an effort to keep that new room clean and dust-free. But only to have the winter storms come along (and these were one of the worst storms ever), and our new room got flooded from the ground up and also through the walls and ceiling!! Now, since we cannot afford to remodel again anytime soon, this new room is now my husband’s new storage area/garage!! So sad…..

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