Oct 312012

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  1. I was the Statue of Liberty in Jr. High. I was entirely green, and even had a torch that lit up! My mom made the costume and it was great! I won a prize for it. =)

  2. i never really have good ideas for costumes so my best was a cowgirl

  3. As a vampire one year when I was 18, still have photos of that lol.

  4. Trailer trash beauty queen Spam tattoo (temporary of course) included:)

  5. Raffle copter isn’t showing up

  6. I was a girl last year :/

  7. I dunno…I am kinda boring. I went as a pirate one year.

  8. I would probably have to say a devil because I had a tooth pulled earlier that day and couldn’t open my mouth so I didn’t look very happy and it just seemed to work…lol

  9. when i was 7 months pregnant i went as “trailer trash” wore a mullet wig, wife beater, and my “gut” hanging out!

  10. I do not dress up on Halloween, but would love to get an adult costume one of these years.

  11. I remember being a clown. I looked awesome!!

  12. Last year I was Abby from the show NCIS. She wears skeleton shirts a lot, so I got one from Etsy that had a baby skeleton under my ribs since I was pregant at the time. Big hit at the party I went to 🙂

  13. I had a pretty good Sailor Moon costume when I was younger.

  14. Ive gone as a crazy cat lady with little stuffed kittens all over my outfit and a gumball machine. those are my favs so far.

  15. I haven’t worn a costume for Halloween in sooo long, the best one I remember was when I was a clown when I was 10 or 12.Awesome makeup.

  16. dorothy from wizard of oz

  17. I came as a nerd with tape on my glasses, a bow tie, and a pocket protector full of pens.

  18. I was a gun-toting cowgirl!

  19. A nurse as a child I haven’t dressed up as an adult

  20. I once dressed as Cleopatra and the costume was very extensive, and very expensive! 😉

  21. I was Paul McCartney one year for Halloween, Beatle wig and all!

  22. light up skeleton

  23. i’m ALWAYS a witch…that’s what my husband says, anyway

  24. a witch

  25. a ghost BOO!!!!

  26. A bumblebee costume that my mom made for me when I was in high school!

  27. A cave woman

  28. Lol, myself! I’ve never actually celebrated Halloween before, though I wanted to 😛 If I could, I’d probably be Wonderwomen, with a little more clothes on, though 😛 Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  29. I was Tina Turner. OMG..I am laughing so hard right now thinking about it lol

  30. honestly, all my costumes have sucked haha.

  31. Esmerelda from The Hunchback from Notre Dame. Loved that costume.

  32. The only costume I remember wearing as a child was the Pilsbury dough boy.

  33. Sexy-ish pirate

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