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5 tips for creating conversation spaces

5 Tips for Creating a Conversation Space

5 tips for creating conversation spaces


If you ever watch interior decorating shows or if you enter to win HGTV’s Dream Home every year like most of the country do then you are more familiar with what a conversation space is. “Great room” may be a term you are more familiar with. In all actuality these spaces are rarely rooms at all. They are often a portion of the main living room that has been sectioned off with creative decorating techniques to make it look like a separate space.

What’s the Point?

Once you have one of these great rooms, you will understand what all the fuss is about. When folks stop by for a visit now you likely either have coffee at the kitchen table or you sit in the living room, which really is not designed for conversation. A great room gives you the perfect space to gather and chat. This also means the kids can keep doing homework in the kitchen, and little ones enjoying cartoons can continue to watch their favorite show.

Decorating Tips

  1. Square or Circle – You want everyone to be able to comfortably talk to one another. Choose either a square or circle design. In most cases, a square is going to work the best. A couple loveseats and chairs are perfect. For a fun approach, buy bean bags in a variety of colors and create a circle with them.
  2. Table – Choose your table thoughtfully. You want guests to have space to move freely between the seats and the table. However, the table should be large enough for everyone to be able to set their drink down. Plus, you want to be able to fit a tray of goodies on it.
  3. Electric Fireplaces – An easy way to define the space is to create a focal point for it. Electric fireplaces are perfect for great rooms. You can mount one on the wall behind one of the loveseats or make use of that empty corner with a corner variety. No preparation is needed. You and your guests sit down, and you enjoy a fire with the push of a button. Some varieties even let you turn the heat off to just enjoy the ambiance the soft glow creates. You can find them from places like Pro Home Stores.
  4. Rug – Another way to make the sitting area look like a separate room is with a large decorative rug. It does not have to necessarily match the main living room perfectly, but it should at least complement the space.
  5. Room Divider – If you are still struggling to create definition or if you want more privacy for this space then just buy a decorative room divider.

What do you do in your home for creating a conversation space? Do you have a favorite focal point?  There’s a lot to be said for conversation spaces. 

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  1. I need to rearrange my living room furniture to make it more comfortable to my family and friends. I do not have a fireplace so not sure what to use as my focal point.

    • You know – I didn’t have a fireplace but a TV stand – that had to do for a very long time. Then two years ago – I bought a TV stand with a fireplace/heater (electric) in it – and it’s the nicest piece of furniture. It’s elegant when it’s on – giving a great ambiance to the room. I can set it so the flame is soft or set higher – with or without heat coming from it. One’s eyes look at that rather than the TV. That said, if kids need a room to play in while there’s convo going on in that room – my kid’s bedrooms work quite well!

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