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5 Great Places to Buy Modest Wedding Dresses in Utah

Are you from Utah?  Are you in the market to purchase a wedding dress?  Finding a stylish yet modest wedding dress can be an overwhelming process and because of the large wedding industry in Utah there is an excessive amount of options for you to choose from. That said, Utahweddings.com has created a helpful online bridal shop directory to showcase the most reputable bridal shops in Utah. They have outlined five of their favorites below which offer a wide selection of modest wedding dresses and gave them wonderful customer service while we were there. Have fun!

1.  Gateway Bridal

If you’re looking for one of the most extensive collection of wedding dresses Utah has to offer, Gateway Bridal might suit you well. They fill their elegant showroom with a large variety of gowns so you won’t have to worry about finding the style you’re looking for; plus their store is simply gorgeous and fun to be in!  They also carry the LatterDayBride collection for those LDS brides looking for a modest, affordable wedding dress.

2. Avenia Bridal

Avenia Bridal prides themselves on their designer and custom bridal gowns. Their consultants travel to different design houses to scout out fashion-forward wedding dresses for the trendy Utah bride.  They carry a variety of designers including Badgley Mischka Bride, Nancy Barrus, Tara Keely, and Angelina Couture.  Since most couture isn’t concerned about modest or temple-ready gowns, Avenia Bridal offers alterations with the original fabric so any Utah bride can wear their dresses. Alterations and custom dresses typically take longer, so be prepared to get an appointment as early as possible. If you’re looking for a collection of vogue wedding dresses, Utah holds no better high-end boutique than Avenia Bridal.

3. Bridal Corner

Bridal Corner advertises over 500 styles including a festival of modest gowns. They carry some of the main designers brides ogle over such as Maggie Sottero, Alfred Angelo, and Allure Bridals. The vast selection draws a lot of women to the store to find the one that works for them without having to bounce around every bridal shop in Utah. Well, it’s either their variety or the fact they sell Disney’s Fairytale Collection by Alfred Angelo.

4.  Fantasy Bridal

Fantasy Bridal makes the list for their specialty in customizing strapless wedding dresses and crafting beautiful bolero jackets. They match the fabric to the dress so you’re not stuck with an awkward-looking “modesty piece”. They alter the dresses at the store so you won’t have to worry about the dress getting damaged in the travel process. Since they don’t do internet sales, you’ll want to stop in and talk with them in person.

5. The Perfect Dress

A lot of women view wedding dress shopping as something more than buying a gown. They want the whole experience attached to it with the elegant boutique, ridiculously kind saleslady, and a couple family members to “ooh” at the appropriate moment. The Perfect Dress offers such an experience.  The store is
darling with its classy, New York City, Tiffany & co. atmosphere. They have a reputation for providing friendly and attentive service without pushing their customers. They have dresses in all types of price ranges, so you’d want to call to see what they have.

It is highly recommend that you visit a reputable bridal shop if you don’t want to get ripped off. All of these bridal shops have good reviews and were very helpful during our visit. And regardless of where you go, remember to enjoy the experience!

*Image courtesy of Victor Habbick / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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