Mar 212015

3 Tips on Looking for a Good Rabbit Vet

When looking for a vet, you may not realize that you have to put forth time and effort to match yourself with your best option. But the health and wellness of your rabbit is dependent on your ability to work with the most experienced veterinary care available.

Just because someone is a veterinarian doesn’t mean they have the experience or comfort working with a rabbit. You need to find a veterinarian who knows how to care for your vet, so that you can feel at peace that your pet’s best interests are at play. Here are 3 tips on looking for a good rabbit vet in your neighborhood.

  1. Get referrals from other vets. It is strongly encouraged that what you to do is call a handful of vets in your local area. Ask them whom they refer clients to when dealing with rabbits or other exotic pets. If they all say the same name, then you know you have a good vet on your hands. If they all say different names, we suggest that you get a new sampling from other veterinarians. A veterinarian will not actively recommend another colleague without knowing fully well that this colleague has the reputation and expertise to perform his job professionally.
  2. Ask screening questions. After trying out our suggestions above, you likely have one or two candidates with whom you can move forward. But your job is not done, not yet. You now should ask screening questions of your choices to make sure you move forward with someone you’re comfortable with. Questions may include how many rabbits are seen each week, what diet the vet recommends a rabbit be fed, what they recommend to prevent GI stasis, and what continuing education seminars they attend.
  3. Don’t make quick decisions. Many people choose a vet based on proximity to their home. But that’s not ideal at all. It may be convenient, but your rabbit deserves better than that. Be sure you take the time to get to know the vets throughout your community and choose the one who can best treat your rabbit.

Not all vets are able to work with rabbits, so be sure that you find the select few who have an expertise with this type of animal. We encourage you to visit Unusual Pet Vets to learn how they can help you with your exotic animals, including rabbits.

Do you own a rabbit? Do you take it to the vets?

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