Apr 062015

There’s a particular wonder to surprising loved ones with gifts. It’s impossible not to feel excited as you watch your loved one unveil their gift while sporting a toothy grin. 

Try to remember the last time you surprised someone with a gift. Try to envision yourself handing that same gift to the recipient without a stitch of wrapping. The chances are high that they would have been much surprised as they received it. The process of gift-giving is incomplete without wrapping. Before you give any gifts away, here are three reasons to wrap them.

1. The wrapping is what creates the suspense. As you watch your loved one unwrap a gift, you also get to watch them as they are filled with wonder and suspense. This is an exciting feeling! Both the suspense and wonder combine to increase the payoff in the end. While the recipient waits in suspense, his/her mind is also probably racing with questions. Why is it so heavy? What could be inside? This is what makes the unwrapping process fun. Even if the present isn’t all that meaningful, the experience can be made memorable because of the opening process.

2. Wrapping paper heightens the gift’s presentation. If you forget about wrapping your gift, or just neglect to all together, prepare for your gift receiver to feel underwhelmed. The excitement wears down for the gift recipient quickly because they already know what the gift is before opening it. A well-wrapped gift is aesthetically pleasing and alluring. Finding the right type of paper is extremely important. The more unique and gorgeous the paper, the more excited your gift recipient will be!

3. It’s easy to buy wrapping paper online. Over recent years, it’s become easier than ever for people to shop for and buy wrapping paper on the internet. On the internet, the selection opens up! Even better, it’s easy to find competitive pricing online. Many brick and mortar stores charge an arm and a leg just for one roll. Shopping for wrapping paper should be easy, fun, and inexpensive. That’s why it’s usually best to stick to online shops for finding paper.

Do you wrap the gifts you give?  Does it matter to you if the gifts you’re given are wrapped?

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