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Assisted Typing on the iPad

25 Years Later He Typed “I love you” to Me via Assisted Typing

This was one of several assessment tests performed. The word was first spoken by the iPad. Then 3 boxes 3/4″ square appeared randomly on the screen containing one letter in the word. When a word was spelled correctly – it appeared on the screen with a check mark. He got them all! The last one was completed – we were just too excited to see that he got all 5 words correct…thus no check mark.

A monumental day happened on January 22, 2015.  My severely disabled, soon-to-be 31-year-old son with spastic quadriplegia diagnosed after a brain hemorrhage from an attempt to remove a brain tumor at 3-weeks of age – he typed his first sentences in nearly 25 years – 25 years later and he typed “I love you” to me!  Read on to see how this day transpired.

This all came about where I had said to the Physical Therapist who was working on his wheelchair back in Nov. 2014 – I wished Facilitated Communication never stopped.

You see, back roughly 25 years ago our school district implemented Facilitated Communication.  If you’re unsure what that is – it’s now referred to as Assisted Typing and consists of a person who assists an individual with disabilities in typing.  They help control the arm/wrist movements so that the individual has an easier time in pointing to the letters they want to use to spell their words, forming sentences, if they wish.

My son – who had a very limited vocalized vocabulary at the age of 6, did very well with facilitated communication.  Sure – not every word was spelled correctly – for instance “milk” was “mlik” but he got his point across.

The problem – the school district stopped any use of facilitators as there were too many individuals typing that they had been abused and/or sexually abused.  Many superiors didn’t believe that these individuals were making the complaints themselves – but rather – the facilitator stating that was what was typed out and then reporting the incidents.

And that, my friend, ended Facilitated Communication for all individuals in our state unless they could facilitate their own typing 100%.  Sure I could have continued on with the facilitating myself, but when there’s a crap load of individuals working with a child – it’s rather hard.

Back when it was known as Facilitated Communication, and my son was involved with it, typing was limited to a sheet of paper with the alphabet/numbers on it; though some individuals had smaller typing devices – but not many.  There weren’t many to be had.  They were expensive at that.  However, through the years – devices have evolved to where there are many, including the iPad.  And, they renamed Facilitated Communication to Assisted Typing.

So back to where I spoke with the physical therapist.  She stated that maybe this could all become a reality again.  That the company she works for had received a grant where a Speech Therapist who is extensively trained in Assisted Typing was working with individuals in the here and now; and if I’d like, she’d see if the therapist could fit my son in.  Wow – are you kidding me?  Please do!

An appointment was set up for him to be assessed to see if he was a candidate. Let me tell you, he ACED that assessment. He was assessed with the use of an iPad, and though considered legally blind (he has optical nerve damage in his left eye from a brain hemorrhage), he did an incredible job.

He spelled sight words – 6 of them – when asked to (above). He saw the dots that he had to tap so that they would go off sounding like a firecracker and then disappear from the screen. He was asked to pick out words on a grid – he got 98% of the words correct.

Now onto the next session – session #2.  This session I had no idea what to expect.  The therapist started out with asking him to pick out words again.  He did that very well.  Now, this is very hard for my son.  The muscle control and focusing for a long period of time (> an hour) – really wears him out.  In fact, after the first session – he fell asleep while we conversed devising a game plan.

In seeing this, the therapist decided to cut the second session short.  BUT FIRST – she wanted to see what he could do using the keyboard on the iPad.  Mind you – the keyboard that pops up is small – the letters are small and a plastic overlay was placed on the keyboard portion of the iPad to make touching the correct letter easier.

But… guess what?  Take a look:

He was asked to spell his name with her assisting his movements and he did just that.  BUT – before the therapist could ask him to type something else – he began to type a word.  That’s the “get…and he continued on to finish the sentence.

Baffled – baffled at what he was trying to say is an underestimate of what was going on here.  None of us (his sister and his day support person was with us) had no idea what it was he was talking about.  Sure we have a dog – but she’s 90 lbs – he’s not putting her in the dresser.

So the therapist tried to pinpoint where any of us would find this ‘puppy’ because – yes two of us went looking!  Was it a Barney Tape that had a puppy in it?  Was it an Elmo tape?  That’s where the N n y n comes in.  Then he went off on his own accord again – typing out the “doesn’t mean its there.”

The joke was on us…seriously!  Duh – he stated to us “Get into my dream”  why were we even looking for a puppy somewhere?

Lastly he was asked by the therapist – “Is there anything you’d like to say to your mom?”  Without hesitation, he began to type again.  And this my friend is where you see the “I love you.”

I stood there crying, hugging this child of mine, that had never had been able to express “I love you” other than when he spoke “I O U.”  Did I/we really know that he knew what that meant?  NO!  No idea.  The “I O U” could have been part of his vowel repertoire he spoke since learning his vowels from the Wheel of Fortune show he started watching when he was 4-5 yrs old – for all we knew.

So I am letting the world know that January 22, 2015 will go down in history for me.  For him.  For those who were with us and witness the Assisted Typing session that day.

I was never so proud of this child of mine that I was told would be a vegetable when he was an infant.  Proud – proud that he remembered what to do with the pointer finger…what to do with that keyboard. Crap!  That keyboard doesn’t even come close to the paper with the ABC’s in alphabetical order he used 25 yrs ago.

I had no idea he knew where the letters even were on a real keyboard.  I had no idea he knew what a period was and where it went.  I had no idea he knew how to form a complete sentence – with punctuation.  Do I give a crap about the rest of the sentence structure?  Absolutely not!  Not the spelling of any word.  Not there being any capitals.  Not there being any apostrophes.  I don’t care!

And as I type this – I am in tears.  What else has he wanted to say all these years?  Assisted Typing – we are on a roll – and this child of mine – his voice will be heard completely now.

If there’s one thing that I could say to any new parent with a child that has health issues of any caliber – do NOT EVER give up on yourselfon your child.  For that matter – any child/adult that has experience adversity involving the brain.  Miracles do happen!

Thanks for letting me share this monumental Assisted Typing day with you – seriously, miracles do happen.

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  1. Wow! That’s truly moving. I can see why it brought you to tears.
    And yes, as you have shown, a person should never give up.

  2. Aww, that is so wonderful. I was trying to finish reading but I couldn’t see through the happy tears. Never give up hope!

  3. So, so, SO happy for you and your family. What a marvelous breakthrough.

  4. That gave me the happy chills on my arms. How sweet!! It is always a mothers dream to have her kids love her. I am so happy for you!!

  5. I am sitting here with happy tears running down my face for you and for him.No, you should never give up on any child. You never know what they know or feel until they are given a real chance to tell you in whatever form it is.

  6. This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Even though I wish that someone would have given him the opportunity long ago to “speak”, this was the moment you had been waiting for, and I can tell how much he loves you.

  7. Beautiful and AMAZING!!! I am so happy for you!! Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing accomplishment and such a special moment with us <3 Filled my heart with joy for the day 🙂

  8. What an amazing and heartwarming story! It hits so close to home . My grandson has a rare genetic disorder and at almost 5 he still is not talking . He does know a few signs but it is so fustrating for him Thanks for the hope and inspiration

    • Awe Lula…prayers for your family. I so understand where you all are at. If it helps, my son also learned some sign language…he’s also invented some of his own. There is always hope for your grandson…all anyone needs to be is open to what works for him. It may take a while to find what does work, as it did for us, but once you find it – life will never be the same. That I promise you.

  9. I love stories like this. It goes to show you there are truly miracles in this life and to never ever give up.

  10. It is indeed a miracle! I know that people who are considered limited in physical and mental capabilities are not what they appear to be. Just because it takes years for them to communicate to us in ways that we understand doesn’t mean to say that they cannot communicate. In fact, it may be that we need to learn their language instead so we can communicate both ways, not just one way. I also read an article in 2003 when Toronto experienced a brownout in the summer along with other cities in North America, about a patient that had awoken from their coma of many years. The patient was able to recall the conversations of his visitors. This proved to me beyond a doubt that people who are unable to communicate to us in ways we understand, are not necessarily a vegetable. They can understand us, but their output to make us understand them takes time and patience. Thank you for sharing this personal journey that proves how much your son appreciates all you’ve done for him when he couldn’t tell you before. It so very encouraging and touching.

    • Thank you, Meg. I do think that we all need to learn their language – to give them the chance to find what works for them. He had a Dynavox as a communication device – that did not work so well for us. My thought on that is that he was more advanced than what the Dynavox offered him. I love your story about the brownout. How encouraging for everyone 🙂

  11. just beautiful gave me tears happy ones

  12. This is so sweet and thank you for sharing this with us <3 Much love.

  13. You have me in tears reading this heartwarming story. You truly are a special mom and your son is a special son. There is certainly a lot of love there and isn’t that all that really matters.

  14. I am so glad to know this about you’re son.

  15. WOW! What a touching story! I bet you were crying and so happy! I read your story with such compassion and I was so happy for you. You are correct, no one should give up on their child, especially when there are disabilities involved. It’s absolutely wonderful that you have finally read the words that your son so much wanted you to know! God Bless You for all you do for him! Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us! Thanks again, Michele

    • Thank you for reading our story, Michele. It’s one that I never thought would ever come to light – ever. I love hearing his voice with what he speaks and reading his words, regardless that he doesn’t think he is louder than his mother (yeah, he typed that too) 🙂

  16. That is awesome! He loves you so much! My grandson is autistic and it is amazing what he can do with an ipad also. Good luck!

  17. Simply amazing, best story I’ve heard all week.

  18. That’s amazing, its a inspirational story.

  19. this is a beautiful story..

  20. This is so inspirational to me.

  21. That is amazing!! My son has an assisted speech program on an ipad. He has poor speech. When we got it last year he said “Finally mommy, people will understand me.”
    So I understand why you are in tears.

  22. What an amazing wonderful story. This is such a big step for you and your son… God Bless!

  23. Thanks for sharing an awesome and moving experience.What a truly blessed and wonderful day.

  24. What a beautiful story. God bless you.

  25. This goes to show that you should never give up, on either yourself or anyone else. Miracles happen everyday, this was really moving to read.

  26. Having a disability myself this post moved me to tears….

  27. Thank you for sharing. This very much a moving story.

  28. What a beautiful story!! My middle child didn’t first tell me or even really show me that he loved me until he was about 4 or 5 yrs old (he’s 5 at the moment), no hugs, no eye contact, no “love you too” or anything of the sort. I get that there is a difference between our boys, but I understand that longing for “i love you” to come from them! I cried tears of joy when my son first said it and it still brings tears to my eyes. <3

    • Thank you. I am sure you did cry tears of joy – not hearing the words “I love you” from your child is hard to take. sure they may show you in other ways but the words are a whole different ball game. For me, I would hear “I O U” but I always wondered if he knew what that really meant. Now I do.

      • Hearing “I Love You” from our children is something that we take for granted until we have a child of our own that can not or does not say it. Then our heart really wants to hear it just once. Were you able to print that text out so you always have that first “I Love You”?

        • You know Sarh, I did not print it. I must now that you’ve mentioned it though. I’ve been caught in the moment…now I will need to print it and frame it. Thank you!

  29. wow…that is truly amazing for you. Hope he can continue to use this technology.

    • I so hope so too Kathleen. I would hate to see this be given back to him and then not be able to utilize it once again. His typing has done so much for HIM since then. He’s been very sick and through his typing – he was able to convey where the doctors should be looking for answers.

  30. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Every mother wants to hear your child say those special words. I can only imagine through your written words how wonderful it was to see them.

  31. wow that is such a sweet story.thanks for telling it.

  32. Thanks for this. My son has hemiplegia and I understand your pride. What a great moment, very touching.

  33. you have special young man and he will be with you for while and then you learn form one day at a time

  34. That’s so sweet, thank you for sharing this story 🙂

  35. Such a wonderful story you are telling. The brain is a very complex piece of our bodies. My son has also shown me miracles in his life. I hope many more miracles come your way. I hope this is a real life changer in a very positive way.

  36. Your son is in my prayers.

    God bless through his son Jesus!

  37. Kids are amazing. Love is amazing and he is amazing.

  38. What a heartwarming story!

  39. This is an incredible thing to share! Absolutely wonderful! So happy for progress!

  40. What a fantastic story. I have worked in a sheltered workshop for the developmentally disabled in the past and I know what a joy they can be. I can only imagine how proud, happy, sad and humbled at how much your son has to say. May he be able to tell you he loves you every day!!!

  41. what a beautiful story

  42. WOW! Powerful!

  43. Wow this is amazing, so glad your son was able to be helped by technology.

  44. Oh my gosh,Oh my gosh–chills and tears. My hearts is so overwhelmed. The pride you have is so understandable. My throat has welled up ,and I can tell you the tears I have for your joy. Miracles do happen,everyday. And all the praise goes to God. I would have served Cake and ice cream just to over celebrate. I get so excite over anything that our little Catherine learns,and she is only 19 months. To know this from your child, and what a sense of humor he must have that really has been hidden for so long. What a Blessing to know ,to finally know.Never ever give up,Hope and Faith is always a positive thing to have. But LOVE is the best of all. Thank you for sharing and making my day, and making me remember the why’s I have. Praise to the Lord!

  45. This made me cry. Some things our world gets right.

  46. This is a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  47. That must’ve been the greatest day of your life! To finally be able to communicate! That’s great for him & you.

  48. I am so happy for you and your family, I am sure this must have brought tears to you eyes, I know it did me, Be blessed in all you do, God Bless

  49. this is awesome

  50. Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face! Such a beautiful story!! You remind me to cherish all the little blessings in life!

  51. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story! We take so much for granted and one being the words “I love you”. I hope he continues to have success with facilitated speech!

  52. What an inspirational story! It’s amazing how precious a few simple words can be!

  53. Wow what an amazing story and memory to share. Im sure your a proud mama. Thansk for making me smile today.

  54. What an amazing story. Never give up, never stop hoping and dreaming; that’s what your story says to me. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Thank you for sharing! I am in tears!! As a mom I can only imagine how incredible and happy your heart was at that moment. God Bless you and your family.

  56. That must have been an incredible moment for both of you!

  57. This is such a heartwarming story. Goes to show you miracles do happen so we should never ever give up on anything. So happy for you all.

  58. This is so heartwarming and thank you so much for sharing.

  59. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! Ryan is an incredible boy and I’m so happy for the both of you!

  60. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

  61. I read in an article recently that such assisted typing can be manipulated by the person who is doing the assisting. But I am glad that that wasn’t the case with the son in this case.

    • Thank you Jeffrey. What you read is correct Jeffrey, and that is why they stopped it many years ago here in our state. However, it is less likely to happen if one follows the new technique involved. And, honestly, who is really benefiting from the typing if it’s the facilitator? I just think that’s cruel. If a parent is doing that, they aren’t living in reality…which doesn’t help their individual at all. It’s not an easy task to assist someone – at least not for me. It kills my lower back. Most recently – my son has been very ill starting back in June. It was through his typing that lead the doctors to perform the tests they did. It was found that my son not only needed his gallbladder out, but he has kidney stones and repeated bouts of aspiration pneumonia (thought to be caused by the gallbladder). He also complain of it feeling like knives when he peed – the culture didn’t show anything – yet 28 hours after being released from the hospital, he was back in the ER with an Attends full of blood and a UTI at its best. Needless to say, we had no idea that he was feeling so ill and couldn’t have pulled out all the complaints he did. I see as a blessing that he was hooked up with Assisted Typing when he was – it could have saved his life.

  62. God bless and what a joyous day that must have been. It is a shame that a few bad apples could ruin such an amazing program.

  63. thankd for sharing this–its very interesting

  64. Brought tears to my eyes! How amazing! Very special!!

  65. that is a great app.

  66. enjoy!

  67. What a wonderful story. We should always fight for our children…Always!

  68. This is such a moving story, brought tears to my eyes. Really touching.

  69. Beautiful. What a beautiful gift he was able to give you.

  70. WOW! What a sweet and moving story, thank you so much for sharing!

  71. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of encouragement! It has inspired me to keep on going even in the mist of the very difficult trials our family has been facing these past few years!! Thank you again.


    • Oh Katherine – you are so right when you say “tomorrow is promised to no one.” One day – it all may click for him and if by chance it doesn’t, that’s okay because he’s done the best he could and you’ve never given up on him. He’s a special young man and always will be – he’s your son 🙂

  73. What an amazing story! Never give up hope! Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring story!

  74. Very Inspiring!

  75. What an amazing story!! My daughter was in a terrible accident about a year and a half ago which left her paralyzed from the chest down and i definitely can relate that when they achieve new things it is the best feeling in the world! Never give up! Thank you for sharing such an awesome story!

  76. I can only imagine how you felt, that is truly amazing!

  77. That is such a remarkable story. I’m so happy for the both of you. I used to teach Special Ed. I had this little fellow in Kindergarten who was autistic. They said he would never read. By the time he was at the end of second grade he was reading on grade level. I found he loved Thomas the Train and went from there…There is always hope!

    • See – one just never knows! These special kids just need someone to believe, just as you believed and took the time to learn about him. You’re just as special 🙂

  78. How fantastic. My hubby has a special daughter, and a special sister…you do sometimes have to really follow them. They are the joys in his life. He learned sign language to communicate with a little 5 year old girl. He helped her tutor, bring her out of her protective shell. Her tutor asked for his help, and the little girl blossomed! He cried the first time she said I love you!

  79. I am so tickled by your big breakthrough! What a truly awesome day that had to have been! I would love to know how much progress he has made since you wrote this! All the best to you an your sweet boy!

  80. What a heartfelt and touching excerpt…when “downer days” hit, this reading would be an encouragement to count our blessings

  81. Oh my! What an amazing thing! So touching!

  82. Im crying.

  83. Wow this is beautiful! Truly amazing!

  84. That is amazing and wonderful.

  85. What a red letter day for you and your son. Shows that he’s still in there and working hard.

    • That he is Sarah! I often wonder what has gone through his mind that he would have loved to have been able to share with everyone. I can’t turn back time, so I will do my best to make sure his voice is heard from here on in. 🙂

  86. WOW! What a moving story.

  87. nice 🙂

  88. This makes me so happy for you! And for him, that he will have a way to communicate better now. Prayers to you and to him for continued improvement!

  89. Wow. Beautiful story.

  90. Oh, this is such an inspiring, beautiful post- thank you for sharing such a personal triumphant moment with us. Much love to you and yours and hopes for more to come

  91. My aunt had ALS so I relate.

  92. Your story is amazing and heart warming. As a former Special Ed. teacher I know first hand the battles parents and teachers have to go through for their children. Many times the outcome is disappointing. But like you said” never give up hope!”.

    • No – don’t ever give up and don’t be afraid to tell your story to whomever will listen. You never know what someone else may know. Our struggles are real – often overwhelmingly real – you know this. But to live in a body with a brain that functions and not be able to communicate what you want to say – I can’t even begin to imagine. I wonder just how many children, turned adults could really benefit from assisted typing – I wish I could just expose it to all to see if it would work for them as well.

  93. Such a moving and inspirational story. Thank you for sharing this, it made my day! 🙂

  94. Absolutely moving – I have tears in my eyes. Never… Ever. Give up 🙂 xx

  95. This is so wonderful, I love reading things like this because it just shows how much love went into doing this. So happy 🙂


  97. I love this awe inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  98. This brings tears to my eyes. How blessed you are and of course he loves you! So happy for you.

  99. Wow, just wow. It is truly amazing how technology has helped us open the world of communication. I truly wish my family would try more with my nephew. I am so happy for you and for this truly wonderful gift.

    • Thank you Margo – I will pray that your family will learn of alternative communications – because it really would open up everyone to a whole new world. It’s that amazing.

  100. Ok, you’ve moved me to tears. Please give him a hug from me!

  101. Very moving story. Never underestimate them they will surprise you every time.

  102. What a beautiful story. The love between a mother and a child is so strong, yet the first time my daughter said it out loud to me I broke down crying the happiest tears. I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like when it has been delayed so long! Go Ryan and go Mom!

  103. All I can say is WOW! This is so amazing and heartwarming. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this.

  104. This is so exciting this is invented! He has so much to say and will be saying so much more to you. I am glad he can use this to communicate.

    • Assisted typing will change the world of many. I feel so blessed to have it in our lives. I try not to think of all the years that he had no way of communicating other than through body language and his limited vocabulary. Thanks for reading!

  105. What a wonderful day that was. It is a shame that the actions of few can affect the lives of many. I am so glad he has been given the gift of communication back and that you can receive these priceless messages.

  106. This was a very touching story.

  107. Wow!! Amazing!! *sniff* 🙂

  108. Beautiful story! Never give up and stay strong!

  109. What a powerful story – and a reminder of how thankful we should all be for miracles, large and small.

  110. Such an amazing and tender moment to not only experience but share! Thank you for allowing us this look into your world!

  111. That is very sweet.

  112. that is so amazing and wonderful!!

  113. I actually have commented on this before, but it is still so impressive to me! I love your story & his!

  114. I’m sure thousands of things went through his head but he just wanted to tell the people who loved him that they were loved as well. What a wonderful thing to hear especially since he was unable to communicate until now.

  115. What an incredible moment for you and your family! I am in tears!

  116. Omg that is totally awesome!

  117. This is a very incredible and inspiring story!

  118. Wow- you and your family are amazing! What a wonderful story… truly moving.

  119. So sweet thank you for sharing.

  120. I don’t know where to start. I wasn’t able to see my screen halfway through. Such a touching story. In case you haven’t heard it lately…you’re a wonderful mom. Lovely story.

  121. Truly amazing and beautiful!! Im so happy for you and for him <3 Sharing love is one of the most amazing things in the world!!

  122. Okay, who put these onions next to my computer?! No, but seriously, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful moment with your son, with us. I am so happy for you and for him. I love technology especially when it is put to work for the goodness of people like in this situation. Truly amazing. It made me so sad to hear about the early program that was cut so short, but better late than never I suppose. I hope this opens a flood gate for your son to tell you all kinds of things. Like more funny dreams! Or maybe he was looking for a stuffed animal puppy he had as a child?

  123. Incredibly uplifting story…no one should ever give up hope.

  124. Such a great thing to be able to communicate with your son.

  125. This is so awesome. I can just imagine the emotions!

  126. The 3 most important words any language.. I love you! I am so happy he did that for you. I know how much it means to know they are doing well and that they can tell you they love you. Prayers for you and yours this Christmas!

  127. Wow… How beautiful!! It’s wonderful to hear of technology helping to bring about such an amazing thing! This made me tear up!

  128. I am amazed that it took that long to come out with Assisted Typing! I bet you were in tears for the first typed “I Love You” from your son! So much can be accomplished nowadays to facilitate communication for the disabled community!

  129. What a beautiful story. My daughter has non verbal autism and she has a similar program on her ipad to help her communicate. Its really beautiful to to find my little girl inside of herself.

    • I’m so happy that you have found technology to be helping in your communications with your daughter. To know that our children have that capability – to know they aren’t just a shell but have a thought process – is…well, you know 🙂

  130. Oh wow, this is awesome! What a great share!

  131. Just beautiful .love to your son and you for never giving up

  132. I’m in tears after reading this. I am so proud of him and of you for all the years of caring and love you have devoted to him.

  133. Good for him overcoming everything

  134. This is so sweet and wonderful, It may have taken a long time but wow! what
    an impact those words made, So touching this is,

  135. Love the story! Thanks for sharing!

  136. That is so heartwarming! It’s amazing how technology can help some people overcome challenging obstacles!

  137. Well I didn’t expect to cry so early this morning. I am so glad you got to experience this precious moment with your son <3

  138. Wow, So Awe Inspiring! Miracles do occur every day. Such a heart warming story! Thanks for sharing!

  139. Incredible, thank you for sharing

  140. Since i read this back in October,i have you in my prayers

  141. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this. I have a nephew who is handicapped so I can only imagine how happy this made you. Congratulations and god bless you!

  142. I hope he is continuing to improve! Happy Holidays!

  143. this is heart touching and very cool….glad he is overcoming this

  144. What a great moment! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  145. That is amazing. It just goes to show a person should never give up. thanks for sharing.

  146. Honestly, this is the most heartwarming and lovely thing I’ve read in a long time! Thank you so much for sharing this and I’m so happy for you!

  147. This is such a heart warming story to read at the holidays!

  148. I’ve read this post a few times because it’s so touching and a feel good post!

  149. What an amazing moment to have long awaited for words! Of all the things he could have said…”I love you”…says it ALL!

  150. This is such a beautiful message about having faith in the ones we love no matter what! I’m so happy your son was able to overcome his challenges and I hope he continues to do so every day. He sounds like a strong and loving young man!

  151. uhhh, theres some dust in my eye, thats it

  152. This is just a moving story.

  153. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  154. It is amazing what people can overcome and do! What a great story!

  155. Thank you so very much for sharing such an intimate moment in you and your son’s life. I am close to tears here, as my husband has Parkinsons and there may be a time when this will our only non-physical communication. Bless you!

    • Oh Ann, sorry to hear of your husband’s struggle. May you find a way to communicate when that day comes. It will not mean the same as vocal words (vocal is always nice to hear), but his voice will shine through no matter what way he communicates. The vocalization I first heard for “I love you” was “I O U.” I knew he was saying I love you, but seeing him type it and reading the words, really confirmed he knew what it meant.

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  165. I understand how special that is i have a 12 year old autistic daughter she has never spoke and we are praying for her to be able to speak to us congrats to your son

    • Awe Denise, I so hope your daughter, will one day, find the assistive technology that will give her a voice. It certainly changes everything. I will pray for you and your daughter. Take care.

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    and as you have shown, a person should never give up my 53 year old friend has had lupus for over 25 years and still works full time, while raising an 17 year old daughter

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  186. What a wonderful gift. I am sure there will be many bumps along the way but as computers get smarter, I am sure this will become more and more accessible. I am thrilled to see ways that technology can assist people to have a higher quality of life. I wish you guys the best!

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    • I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that I’d be writing something like this. I’m so happy he has a voice now; yet feel very badly that he didn’t for so many years.

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    • Yes, I certainly am getting more – though, he’s decided to create shortcuts like one would in texting. Now he types “I O U”. I’m quite okay with that too 🙂

  197. This is so wonderful. I have worked with many non-verbal individuals, and this would be an amazing asset for them. I will definitely pass this on to some friends who may have lost hope! Thank you!

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  204. This sounds like a great app for those with disabilities.

    • There are several apps for those with disabilities – it’s just finding the ones that work for each individual and at a price they can afford. We are very blessed that our state sees communication devices, and what’s necessary to be able to use them, worth spending the money on.

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  208. Wow, what an amazing and inspiring story! I used to work with adults with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities and I always thought and believed that being understood was the most important thing for all human beings! Even if it takes 3 decades! Technology is amazing! I remember a lady named Sandy who could only move her head, so they made a board with letters, words and phrases, and they would put this pointer hat on her head and she would touch one letter/word at a time! Like I said, technology has come a long way and I’d love to know if Sandy’s communication system has changed.

    • Being understood is the most important thing for all human beings. It unbearably saddens me to think of all the individuals that never got to have their voice heard. I hope someday you’ll be able to find out where Sandy is at. If you do, you must come back and share…I’d love to hear her story.

  209. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love!! It is unconditional & everlasting!! And reading this review shows that you are indeed this type of mother!! You both were blessed the day you gave birth to this baby boy!! God doesn’t give anyone things that they can’t handle & HE doesn’t make mistakes!! Being disabled my self, I rely on my husband a lot. He is like you – he doesn’t care that I can’t do a lot any more, but gets excited over the things I can do and the fact that I am still here. Baby steps my doctor says!! January 22nd is a special day for me too!! That’s one of my granddaughter’s birthday!! I too would hold that day in my heart forever – what mom doesn’t love hearing her child express their love for her?? What a special son to type that very thing FIRST!!! He loves and appreciates you!! Keep up the good work ( I know you will) & GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! Miracles still happen!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Reading your words, coming from someone who is disabled (for which I am sorry to learn this), means a lot. May you be blessed every day. Seems like you have a gem of a husband.

  210. I remember how thrilled a friend of mine who is blind was when DragonSpeak came out and could read her internet sites.

    • I bet she was beyond ecstatic. Those of us who can see, hear, have a voice – tend to take these things for granted. I’m so happy for your friend. A whole new world opened up for her 🙂

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