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Welcome to the $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

One lucky reader will win a $200 Amazon gift card good towards anything on Amazon. Will you be that lucky reader?  What will you buy if you win?  With Christmas coming, I’m sure many of you have great ideas on what you’d like to buy.

Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card

Sponsors: Finger Click Saver, Mom and More, Holly’s Helpings, This Mama Loves, Blog by Donna

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory blog comment entry, all other entries are optional.

Oh My Gosh Beck! is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Giveaway ends 9/21 and is open worldwide.

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  93 Responses to “$200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway”

Comments (93)
  1. If I win,, I will put the money toward an iPod Touch. I’ve been wanting one for a while now. Thanks!

  2. I would save it for Christmas so I can buy some gifts for my family

  3. This would be AMAZING!!

  4. I would put the money toward a new laptop. There’s also a couple of books I’d like to purchase.

  5. toner for coupons, coffee for hubby, maybe some christmas gifts

  6. I would get a camera

  7. I’d use it for Christmas Gifts.

  8. I would finally get the kindle fire.

  9. I would buy a few more e-books and finish off some of the back to school shopping I have not yet had a chance to do.

  10. I would get books, craft supplies and some art.

  11. I would buy Christmas presents.

  12. A very nice leather case for my new Kindle and some eBooks!! Lots and lots of books 🙂

  13. it would help towards christmas gifts for my family!

  14. probably Christmas gifts

  15. I’m not sure what I would buy I have some much on my wish list from Amazon!

  16. I wn win pl choose me s winner. God blesses you.

  17. Clothes <3 i need it

  18. jewelry and dvds

  19. A new IPod for my son, he broke his last month 🙁

  20. A deluxe pool raft and Christmas gifts.

  21. I would buy a new, high-end cookware set. I never seem to have the cash to buy nice one when I need them, but this would allow me to buy a good, long-lasting set so I won’t have to keep replacing them every couple of years.

  22. I would buy a camera

  23. I would put it towards a PS 4

  24. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Hope to win and be the luckiest ! Fingers crossed !

  25. Laptop

  26. I would buy presents probably and maybe some new makeup for me.

  27. a sauerkraut crock

  28. There are some books & movies that I want to buy,plus Christmas shopping coming soon!

  29. I’d buy books with the card.

  30. Books, books and more books.

  31. I’d definitely use this toward Birthday gifts….my son’s birthday is coming up and already he’s asking for video games that cost a fortune!


  32. I would buy ebooks for my kindle

  33. Shoes and a jacket

  34. Christmas gifts and a new watch for me.

  35. I would buy my family new cell phones and early Christmas presents like an Xbox360 and some movies so I can make a movie night for me and my sister!

  36. I’d buy The Grateful Dead DVD set that I’ve been wanting but can’t afford.

  37. I would use it to buy Christmas presents! Theres a transformer that my son really wants 😀

  38. I would buy a new router for the computer.

  39. Thank you for the chance to win I would buy my kids things that they want and need

  40. A tablet!!

  41. Hope I win! 🙂

  42. I’ll buy some new books! And clothes

  43. I would buy an IPad and case.

  44. I would start looking at christmas gifts for the family.

  45. I would buy a few pants, shirts, sweaters, and underwear.

  46. shoes and a dress

  47. I’d save it for Christmas shopping

  48. I would buy Christmas presents.

  49. I would use it to buy a coat for me for the colder weather that is coming. thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! connie danielson

  50. I would put it toward a notebook, as it would be great to have for travelling.

  51. Asus AC Wireless Router

  52. I would start a savings for a 50th ann trip for my hubby and me.

  53. Saving up for Christmas Gifts! This would help so much!! Thank you! =]

  54. This would be great for Christmas shopping!

  55. I would get a Ninja Blender system. Thanks!

  56. I would give the gift card to my daughter as her 20th birthday cumin up!!

  57. use for a vacation, need one badly

  58. I would get something for the grands:) !!

  59. I’d put the money towards textbooks.

  60. I’ll save them for Christmas gifts

  61. I would use it to buy an KitchenAid stand mixer!!!

  62. A new smartphone ’cause my old phone is getting crappier by the day! 😛

  63. My husband would like a gaming system.

  64. I would buy something for my daughter’s wedding maybe flowers or decorations for the ceremony.

  65. Baby bassinet

  66. i would save it for christmas and use it as a gift or to buy gifts..

  67. I would get a new camera.

  68. My anniversary is coming up so it would go towards a gift for my love.

  69. I would buy some paperbacks and something for my mammy. She deserves a decent Christmas present this year. 🙂

  70. Something for Christmas i think.Thanks…

  71. Ah too many things to choose from! I would probably buy a gel polish kit and school supplies 🙂

  72. Christmas gifts for my kids

  73. i would save it to spend on Christmas gifts for my kids

  74. I will buy ps4 games 🙂

  75. a nice pair of boots!

  76. Money toward a DSLR Camera

  77. I would put this towards a new I phone or Tablet Thank you

  78. If I win I will buy an iPod Touch. I’ve been wanting one.. hope I would win.. Thank you!!! ^_^

  79. I would buy more kindle books 🙂

  80. I would love to get a head start on Christmas shopping!

  81. I would use it toward a new greenhouse

  82. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d put this towards some Minnie Mouse toys for my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday 🙂

  83. I would use this to do Christmas shopping. My boys would like Legos and Books, for example. It would be a huge help!

  84. I would purchase a play house for my daughter. Thank you for the chance to win!

  85. put it towards a Roomba for a family gift!

  86. Start my Christmas shopping!

  87. toy for kids christmas

  88. I would buy Christmas presents for my family with this gift card. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  89. Something fun. I have a whole wish list on Amazon!!

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