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You’ve gotten in an accident – what’s next?  Well, one thing that should never be done is to leave the scene of an accident. Leaving the scene of an accident, at the very least, could get you a fine.  In some cases, leaving the scene of an accident can set you up for facing a felony charge.

So you ask – what to do after an auto accident?  The steps below are guidelines as to what you should do.  Not every step may apply for all accident types.

1.  First and foremost – stay calm

2.  Check to see if anyone is injured.

3.  Move the car out of the way of traffic if you can safely do so

4.  Call the police – do not cave into not filing a police report

5.  Don’t admit guilt

6.  Exchange information (name, address, insurance info, phone numbers)

7. Take photos of the vehicles

8. Take notes & photos of injuries

9. Stay with the vehicle until all information is documented by the police

10. File an insurance claim

11. Seek medical help if need be and if it wasn’t needed at the scene.  Be sure to keep track of all your medical visits/tests/expenses etc.

12. Don’t engage in conversation with the other party.  Let the insurance companies handle the issues.  If you’re uninsured – it may be best that you involve an attorney.

13. Seek an attorney should you need help with the insurance claim.  If you’ve been hurt – it would be to your benefit to seek out a personal injury attorney.

14. Do not sign release forms or checks until you’re ready to settle the claim.  This may need the assistance of an attorney if you’re feeling intimidated in doing so.

Again, not all the steps above may pertain to your situation.  These are general guidelines of what to do after an auto accident.  That said, be as safe as you can be.  Stay alert while driving with all ears and eyes on the road.   And please – don’t text and drive.  The two don’t mix well just as drinking and driving don’t mix.

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