Jul 072011

If you missed this mornings post:

I have a new Giveaway Linky.  By all means, link up your giveaway.

Also, I have joined Triberr and have tribes to fill.  If you’re interested, DM @fingerclicksave and I will invite you to join my tribe. Alternatively, you can contact me @ spar9797@gmail.com and I will send you an invite.  You can learn about Triberr here

Onto all the freebies! Make it a great day.

Free Sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares
‘Like’ Quaker Oatmeal on Facebook to request your FREE sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares.

FREE Activities to do in Virginia
WTVR – Out of Richmond Va has a list of free things to do this summer in Virginia.

Obtain your FREE credit report from all three credit bureaus.  Law mandates people have access to a free credit report once a year.  That being said, it’s very important for you to know what’s on your reports.  Years ago, I discovered a bankruptcy listed on one of reports…which I never had filed for one.  Needless to say, the credit card company listed this on my report but had the wrong Susan W.  It got worse when we went to purchase a home.

We had pulled my other half’s reports and it showed many entries that belonged to his father and not him.  It literally took me 2 years to clean up the reports before we could proceed with getting a good financing rate on our home.  

Don’t forget you can get your FREE credit score from Credit Karma. Both of these sites are accessed through secure HTTP (HTTPS) so you needed worry about your information being entered.  If you don’t see the ‘S’ at the end of the http in your browser’s web address bar….then you aren’t on a secure connection…DON’T proceed!  

FREE 411 CALLS: 800-FREE-411 works for both residential and business listings throughout the United States. All you have to do is listen to a 10-second commercial before getting the listing you want, but the service is free.

FREE Computer Tech Help: If you have a problem with your computer, and no budget to fix it, let Protonics (not to be confused w/the stomach med) help you.  Protonics is a free service manned by volunteers world-wide.  Their mission is to offer computer support and computer-related information online and by email.   .

Earn FREE Gift Cards and Books
Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards and get Free books for providing honest reviews on newly released books at Reader Spoils.

FREE STUFF and Lots of it!
Freecycle is a network across the US where one can ask and obtain free items or offer items to others that one no longer needs.  The sole purpose of this network is to keep items that have life still in them out of the landfills. Click here to read more about how Freecycle works or click here to be taken directly to their website.  Have questions?  I can help you…I use this site all the time.  I actually just gave away an in the wall air conditioner!  Email me using the link on the Wibya Toolbar below. 

FREE Admission to Museums and Cultural Exhibits
Thanks to the “Museum on Us” program, all you need to do is show your Bank of America credit or debit card and a photo ID at 150 museums and cultural exhibits nation-wide, during the first full weekend of the month through the end of the year.   

FREE Park Admissions
The U.S. Dept. of Interior offers free admission to more than 100 national parks in the US several times a year.   One would normally pay $3 to $25 for an admission.  Search for a park here.

FREE Long Distance
Make free, 10-minute long distance and international calls, from your home phone or cell phone. The catch?  Having to listen to one or two (short 10-12 second) ads first.  No sign up required. Get your local access number to “Freephone2phone” here.
FREE Books for Elementary Schoolers
Any elementary school student who reads 8 books over the summer can receive a free book through Barnes and Noble’s “Imagination Destination” Program.  How?  Read then turn in the reading journal your keep between May 24th and September 6th to get your free book.

FREE Online Baby Book
This is really cool and I wish I were the one having a baby…okay…maybe not!  But for those of you who are….choose from over 80 different page designs to create a free online baby book to privately share photos, movies etc. with family and friends.  Totsites is integrated with Facebook, you can order printed Memory Books you’ve created…what a great gift idea for Grandparents (shipping is included in book price).  Another feature they offer are interactive polls and guest books. 

Join Nielsen’s Home Scan Consumer Panel (no landline required) where you earn points for scanning purchases.  The points are redeemable for items such as, electronics, household items, jewelry, gift cards, toys and more.

That’s it for today…more later to come.  I’ve got to go calm a new mother cat…she’s on a bad one towards the rest of our cats!

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