May 312013
PCH Mega Prize Sweepstakes

I know that many folks feel they have no chance at being a lucky winner in sweepstakes. The truth of the matter is, is that one doesn’t have any chance of winning if they don’t enter. That is why I enter sweepstakes…to take my chances at being a lucky winner. My chances of winning are just as good as anyone else’s!

And yes, I do enter Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes – how else am I going to be a winner if I don’t? Their current giveaway is – Win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize. Again, my chances are just as good as anyone else’s of winning, unless of course, I don’t enter.

If I were to win the Mega Prize – I would be able to enjoy the rest of my life in utmost comfort. I would buy new vehicles every year – two at that.  One a crossover SUV and the other a small 4×4 pickup truck that could haul a fishing boat and trailer. I would be able to take three or four vacations throughout the year – all in different locals. I’d even think about buying a private jet and hiring a pilot so that I could go visit my sister once a month.  I put some of the money away – so my children wouldn’t have to worry as they age or if I were to ever take ill (that’s the practical side of me).  My daughter would not have to worry about buying a vehicle – I’d buy her one every 3 or 4 years.  I’d donate to the unfortunate animals in our area every month.  I’d pay off the mortgage and pay off the credit cards.  And, I’d buy a beach house on Ocean Boulevard.  Oh the things I could do with an extra $260,000 a year!  I dream about winning big all the time.

I feel if LeRoy Faulks could win – so can I!  He won what you’d be entering to win:

“The Mega Prize is BACK! You all remember when LeRoy Faulks won Publishers Clearing House first-ever Mega Prize, right? Well I’m sure you’d love to be the next person to win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week for Life in their June 30th Prize Event. Think about how amazing it would be to receive a check for $5,000 every single week for the rest of your life. In one year alone, you’d have $260,000! And on top of that, the winner would get ONE MILLION DOLLARS ON THE SPOT! Think about what you would do with $1 Million. Now think about what you would do with $5,000 a week for life. Then combine those two thoughts and THAT’S what you could do with the Mega Prize!

You see, the Mega Prize is extra special because a winner would have the best of both worlds — One Million Dollars to start living the life of a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire right away! Then, weekly prize checks of $5,000 would allow a Mega Prize winner to keep living the high life! Wow, that’s a prize, of Mega-Proportions! Yes, Dave and Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol could surprise you at your home with a check for One Million Dollars! And remember, that would only be the beginning! If you win, you’d still have weekly prize checks of $5,000 to look forward to – FOR LIFE! A Mega Prize winner could go ahead and splurge right away, because weekly prize checks for $5,000 would be in the mail!”

I’d probably die of a heart attack if the PCH Prize Patrol arrived at my door telling me I won the Mega Prize, or at the very least – I’d go into an instant panic attack!  I’d be so elated that I would not know what to do!  It would be a dream come true!

What would you do if the Prize Patrol arrived at your door telling you that you were the Mega Prize winner?   Take your chances – enter now 🙂

** Publishers Clearing House has brought you this post. All opinions are those of FCS’s. 

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  1. I don’t now what I would do if the Prize patrol come to my house. Susan Vanorden My email

  2. I would fix my roof, my pool, and many others things needed to be done to my house. I would also share my happiness with my 2 daughters.

  3. I would be shocked if I really had something this wonderful happen to me.

  4. If I see a Prize Patrol vehicle come up my driveway I don’t know how I would respond. After the shock I would probably cry first and then jump for joy.

  5. Not sure I would believe them if they came to my home. Guess I would just say “Are you kidding, are you sure “Then cry, But I would pay off medical bills. Thanks

  6. Not sure I would believe them, are you kidding me. Than cry. Thanks

  7. I would love to win i would help people out and i would build my dream home and travel to places that i have not been.

  8. if i won i would build a new dream home and travel


  10. The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is a scam! And they are lying when they say their “winners” are “surprised.” These are all hired actors.

  11. PCH no negativity in my voice I’m in it to win it I know one of these days you going to make my dreams come true I have faith so grant me that lucky entry make my dreams come true sincerely Fred haut

  12. PCH no negativity in my voice I’m in it to win it I know one of these days you going to make my dreams come true I have faith so grant me that lucky entry make my dreams come true sincerely Fred haut!!

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