Jan 162015

We’re Very Excited to be Selected to Show Our #DisneySide
Show Your Disney Side #DisneySide

By the end of February you will be able to read all about our #DisneySide Villain-themed @Home Celebration party.

When the news arrived in our email that we were selected to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration – well, let’s just say – we were beyond excited!

In not being able to curtail my excitement I just had to post it on my Facebook timeline. Family and friends found themselves to be excited right along with me – what a nice way to begin the new year. My niece immediately said – Oogie Boogie – he’s my favorite villain! Someone else commented – “how cool!” Another, had me explain to her what this all meant and then she found herself jealous.

That said, I want to take my guests through the years of what it was like when I visited Disney in Orlando, at the age of 25 years – for the first time ever. I’m now in my mid 50’s, and if I were told we’re going to Disney tomorrow – the excitement would be that of a child in a candy store.

It’s been my dream to go back but with my daughter this time. I had hoped for it to be when she was small; but now that she’s a teen, I think she and I would have more fun than ever. All I know is that no matter what, I want to be the one she goes with the very first time she goes.

So stay tuned for updates. We’ll be receiving a kit to help host our #DisneySide @Home Celebration. When it arrives I’ll be letting you take a peek at what’s in it!

If you’re not on our email list to receive updates – you can sign up now so that you don’t miss an update on our #DisneySide @Home Celebration.

Have you been to Disney? What was your most favorite memory that you were left with?

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